Review: Skinfood Coffee Almond Nail Scrub

Nails. I used to love and enjoying nail polishes. I think they make my nails look better and more polish. However, long term of usage, definitely make nails turn yellow. Ahhh!!!

When come across nails, I only know about trimming and buffer, and I don't know that there's such thing called NAIL SCRUB.

Before taking my pre-wedding photo, I have to get my nails done. Asking me to get my nails dress on from nail salon seems to be harder than paint it my own. So, I decided to take a walk in the shopping complex. I don't know what shades should I wear for the photo shoot and I lost my nail buffer before that. Well, I then got myself some nail polishes and too bad nail buffer was out of stock that time. I went to the next booth - Skinfood. The SA recommended me nail scrub, wow, sounds very interesting.

We usually just have our face, body, feet scrub, yet never have our nail scrub. After thinking for sometime, I bought it but with some hesitation. Hah~ back home, I immediately try it on and now here's my review.

(adapted from website)

The nail scrub comes in a tiny plastic jar. The packaging is simple.
It contains 10g of grained coffee and almonds. I bought it for about RM35++, quite pricey actually.

Once the jar is opened, you can see some beads (grained coffee and almond I supposed) soaked in oil. I'm not sure what oil is that, but it is quite thick and moisturizing. I also attached a picture of the beads. The crystal beads I believe is either sugar or salt crystal.

A little goes a long way. I scoop out a pinch size of nail scrub, put it onto my nail and rub for around 1min. Personally I think the beads are pretty coarse and able to exfoliate the nail surface, but using it around the nail is slightly painful for me. I only use it on my nails and gently massage around the nail and wash with tap water. Sometimes, the oil get emulsify by water and leave some semi-solid oil around the edge. I dislike this part, so instead of wipe it off, I will take my shower gel to wash my entire hands again.

I will put a piece of clothes/ tissue on table before start nail scrub. The process is a bit tedious and messy but still able to achieve the silky smooth, polished nail.

Here's my outcome. I think the nail look shinier. You can apply some ointment or lotion later on.
All in all, I don't think I will repurchase this, but a jar might able to last me for a long time, maybe 6months or so.

You can always DIY yourself the nail scrub with some simple ingredients.
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- 3/4 tablespoon of salt/ coarse sugar
** mixed well, and you're done **

Have a nice day!

Review: Naruko Mandarin Orange & Pineapple Pore Refining Mask

Aloha, how can I get my hands off ?!
I pretty much use mask 3-4 times per week, I love mask, especially sheet mask, they are my skin rescue ranger.

Previously I'd tried the hydrating and brightening mask from Naruko, I love it so much and decided to try the others. This time I only bought the pore refining mask, I think I have large pores, not sure if this mask helps, but for the price and quality I'm pretty sure Naruko skincare is worth to try. Not to mention the very simple yet practical packaging, every items we bought, is actually donated to charity.

Let's jump into the review part. Any sheet mask I've used, I prefer something that thin enough yet hold up the  essence nicely. Thin sheet mask must be able to adhere onto my skin perfectly, else, I will never ever buy it again. The whole purpose using sheet mask is to ensure skin get well nutrients, if the masks doesn't sit nicely, is totally no point.

Talking about pore refining, when your skin get well hydrated, pore will shrink significantly. Water helps to plump up the skin and brighten the complexion. I like how well the mask hydrate my skin, but in terms of pore refining I will give it 80%, well better than nothing. I notice a better pore tightening effect after using the MBD apple polyphenol sheet mask. Once your skin is hydrated, the oil secretion will also reduce.

The mask itself is very light scented, more like a fruity orange scent. Each mask is well soaked with essence, I like the mask doesn't dripping with lots of essence. It comes in perfect size whether is the mask/cotton/packaging.

Same as the other Naruko sheet masks, 1 box contains 5 pieces, cost round RM19.90, sometimes when Watson having sales, you will get 10-15% off.

That's all for my short review. Have a nice day!

Back with some Random Updates

Hello, I'm back. Too much things happened recently and some issues still going on. Well, not to mention too much about my personal things, just keep fingers crossed, things will be better and can resolve soon.

I started to feel time passed way too fast and  we can't control much but just live to its fullest. Few months back, I was so obsessed with traditional clothing, I think there are pretty and comfortable to wear, it looks nice and formal. I think I've almost 20 baju kurung which has been tailored made this year. Haha!

Besides, I've finally finished my pre-wedding photoshoot. It was freaking tiring, we've browsed trough our photo and once the photo album design is done, we'll be able to view it before photo printing! All I want to say is, the tiredness is worth it.

I've been enjoying taking care my little niece. She is so bubbly and cute. Watching her growing up day by day, I can't deny life is too short, appreciate your love ones, the older one because the time we spend together with our grandparents is getting shorter.

Other than that, I will never, ever, missed out my skincare. I've been a loyal Cellnique skincare users. As much as I love and enjoy using it, I started to realize my skin doesn't react well with the products as previous. One factor is the beautician service level has significant decrease: not extracted thoroughly, after facial the skin doesn't seems to look good or feel MUCH better.

I'm currently trying out Cosmecnique foam cleanser and face scrub, I will review these 2 lovely items soon.
My current beautician is so much helpful. For me, as much as I love facial treatments, I love seeing, visiting my beautician. They must be helpful and informative enough, service is of course important, counselling and advice also part of reasons I have my facial done monthly.

Understanding my skincare steps and products makes me happier than ever. I thought to share my beautician advice, but of course, these advises are for me and it might be different for others.

- always double cleanse: makeup remover -> foam cleaner
- exfoliate 3-4 times a week (my skin is clogged and oily)

-toner, always use cotton pad, this way we can remove other dirt that failed to be removed during cleansing step
-always follow with a hydrating mask (because my skin condition) after face scrub
-moisturize well (I'm currently using Cellnique D'sensi calming cream, still haven't hit pan)
-always use sunscreen in the day time whether is sunny/rainy/gloomy day

* I'm currently not suitable to use products contains AHA, it will dries up my skin and skin become flaky even though I'm belong to oily and combination skin type *

Lastly, I'm getting least in doing makeup, which is why I'm no longer posting makeup tutorial, EOTD (my favourites) and NOTD. I think my work not suitable to put on nail polish and heavy EOTD.
However, base makeup seems to be more and more interesting for me. Might do some review on drugstore base makeup together with my current natural lip color application.

Have a great day and week ahead. Thanks for reading!