Review: Naruko Mandarin Orange & Pineapple Pore Refining Mask

Aloha, how can I get my hands off ?!
I pretty much use mask 3-4 times per week, I love mask, especially sheet mask, they are my skin rescue ranger.

Previously I'd tried the hydrating and brightening mask from Naruko, I love it so much and decided to try the others. This time I only bought the pore refining mask, I think I have large pores, not sure if this mask helps, but for the price and quality I'm pretty sure Naruko skincare is worth to try. Not to mention the very simple yet practical packaging, every items we bought, is actually donated to charity.

Let's jump into the review part. Any sheet mask I've used, I prefer something that thin enough yet hold up the  essence nicely. Thin sheet mask must be able to adhere onto my skin perfectly, else, I will never ever buy it again. The whole purpose using sheet mask is to ensure skin get well nutrients, if the masks doesn't sit nicely, is totally no point.

Talking about pore refining, when your skin get well hydrated, pore will shrink significantly. Water helps to plump up the skin and brighten the complexion. I like how well the mask hydrate my skin, but in terms of pore refining I will give it 80%, well better than nothing. I notice a better pore tightening effect after using the MBD apple polyphenol sheet mask. Once your skin is hydrated, the oil secretion will also reduce.

The mask itself is very light scented, more like a fruity orange scent. Each mask is well soaked with essence, I like the mask doesn't dripping with lots of essence. It comes in perfect size whether is the mask/cotton/packaging.

Same as the other Naruko sheet masks, 1 box contains 5 pieces, cost round RM19.90, sometimes when Watson having sales, you will get 10-15% off.

That's all for my short review. Have a nice day!

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