Review: Skinfood Coffee Almond Nail Scrub

Nails. I used to love and enjoying nail polishes. I think they make my nails look better and more polish. However, long term of usage, definitely make nails turn yellow. Ahhh!!!

When come across nails, I only know about trimming and buffer, and I don't know that there's such thing called NAIL SCRUB.

Before taking my pre-wedding photo, I have to get my nails done. Asking me to get my nails dress on from nail salon seems to be harder than paint it my own. So, I decided to take a walk in the shopping complex. I don't know what shades should I wear for the photo shoot and I lost my nail buffer before that. Well, I then got myself some nail polishes and too bad nail buffer was out of stock that time. I went to the next booth - Skinfood. The SA recommended me nail scrub, wow, sounds very interesting.

We usually just have our face, body, feet scrub, yet never have our nail scrub. After thinking for sometime, I bought it but with some hesitation. Hah~ back home, I immediately try it on and now here's my review.

(adapted from website)

The nail scrub comes in a tiny plastic jar. The packaging is simple.
It contains 10g of grained coffee and almonds. I bought it for about RM35++, quite pricey actually.

Once the jar is opened, you can see some beads (grained coffee and almond I supposed) soaked in oil. I'm not sure what oil is that, but it is quite thick and moisturizing. I also attached a picture of the beads. The crystal beads I believe is either sugar or salt crystal.

A little goes a long way. I scoop out a pinch size of nail scrub, put it onto my nail and rub for around 1min. Personally I think the beads are pretty coarse and able to exfoliate the nail surface, but using it around the nail is slightly painful for me. I only use it on my nails and gently massage around the nail and wash with tap water. Sometimes, the oil get emulsify by water and leave some semi-solid oil around the edge. I dislike this part, so instead of wipe it off, I will take my shower gel to wash my entire hands again.

I will put a piece of clothes/ tissue on table before start nail scrub. The process is a bit tedious and messy but still able to achieve the silky smooth, polished nail.

Here's my outcome. I think the nail look shinier. You can apply some ointment or lotion later on.
All in all, I don't think I will repurchase this, but a jar might able to last me for a long time, maybe 6months or so.

You can always DIY yourself the nail scrub with some simple ingredients.
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- 3/4 tablespoon of salt/ coarse sugar
** mixed well, and you're done **

Have a nice day!

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  1. I had no clue that Skinfood came out with nail scrubs! I didn't even know such things existed! Great review! :) Hoping to see more from you! =D


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