Top Picks for Sensitive/Dry Skin

When it comes to weather changes and hormonal changes my skin reacts the most. I don't fall sick but my skin suffers a lot especially my face! But I've noticed with proper use of cleansers and boosters the redness and flakiness have clearly reduced.

I've few cleansers recommendation over here:

1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
This is a very gentle cleanser with a little bit of foams. The more water you add in between massage the more foams you'll get. Surprisingly, it cleanse my skin nicely and without all those pulling and drying feeling. When I have flakes around my cheeks, this cleanser doesn't sting on any dried almost wounded skin.

2. PureViVi Cleansing Lotion
Just like any cleansing water, it is the fastest way to remove any residue of makeup. I suggest to use this for quick cleansing routine but always follow up with a cleanser, I prefer double cleanse to ensure my skin is thoroughly cleanse. The cleansing water has a very similar scent like the Hada Labo cleanser. It feels cooling on the skin, so it soothes the redness and irritation. Only to use on light makeup if you're a heavy makeup user, please use a cleansing milk (mild than cleansing oil).

3. Philosophy Purity Cleanser
One of the famous cleanser, it feels like gel and almost foams free. The scent of this cleanser is very earthy more like a sandalwood scent. It removes dirt and makeup residue gently. If you prefer gel like cleanser, this will be the one to try. As you massage when cleansing your skin, the gel glides on smoothly and just rinse off with running water. The skin feels clean and fresh.

4. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
The texture is similar like the Philosophy Purity cleanser but this is way more silky and runnier. I like how it helps to remove the last trace of makeup such as lipstick stains, mascara stains under the eye area. Good to tell it doesn't sting my eyes. Yay! I find it is such a good travel companion because it helps to remove my light makeup as well. 

5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser
This stuff smells clean, nothing too fancy but works really well on my sensitive skin. Tiny bit goes a long way so my actual size of this cleanser last me for 3 months I believe. It foams up really well, so if you prefer a good foaming cleanser, this is the one.

6. Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Face Wash
As for a budget friendly cleanser, opt for this. I find that a lot of whitening cleanser is either too dry or too rich (leave a film on skin). Hada Labo cleanser actually works really well and all have the similar clean smell. Although it foams very well, it doesn't strip my skin nor making my skin feels too dry nor still dirty. 

7. Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam
Just like the name printed on the tube-- extra creamy! You actually have to squeeze it onto your palm, mix water and whisk it, ya, whisk it till it have soft peaks, just like making cake/bakery. Then use those foams to cleanse your face, tell ya it feels so comfortable and fun. My mom use this for a long, long time and I just so glad that she lend me her deluxe sample to try out. 


1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub
Normal scrub but the beads are really tiny, so no issue with over scrubbing your face. When your skin is dry and patchy, facial scrub comes in, after removed the flakes and dead skin cells, apply a good amount of moisturizer and have a good sleep. Your skin will be so smooth and glowing.

2. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
A quick perk me up. I recommend to keep it in fridge (summer day), room temperature ( normal weather). I feel so good and soothing. After I deep cleanse my skin with all those peeling, peel-off mask, I apply a thick layer of gel mask, leave it for 15-20mins, take a wet cloth and remove the gel mask. No more redness, no more flakiness on the skin.

3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
When I 1st come across facial oil, I think yucks! This completely change my perspective on facial oil. A good facial oil will do wonders to you skin, this is so true. It actually helps to moisturize it, some sort like a deeper layer of moisturizer. The oil just sinks into the skin, unlike other oil floats on the skin. What I like to do is use this alone after my serum or add 1 drops into my freshly pumped moisturizer, mix well and massage upwards onto face. The lavender scent is so soothing and relaxing.

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