24 weeks

I'm so thankful to God for every wonderful things He has given to me. This month doctor visit done and will have another checkup on week 28, very excited!
Little baby grows so fast these days and it is so true, the more I'm approaching my 3rd semester, I started to feel tired and exhausted again this week. I also starts to feel slightly out of breath when I'm in a rush whether at work or climb stairs. My hubby always imitates the way I sound and breath and most of the times, it turns out into laughter.

This week, I started to eat more smaller meal because I think I've some digestion issues. I tend to hiccups after my meal, then I have some discomfort like acid reflux  and burps. So, other than taking my prenatal supplements, I also top up 2 sachets of probiotics powder after my lunch. You know what, I feel very hungry later on but in order to control my blood sugar, I will snack on some fruits, bread and etc.

Talking about the bump, I'm still able to fit in some of my clothes (XL) in size of course. But I also realize the front of blouses and T-shirts tends to lift up a lot, so I've placed 2 orders from Asos maternity, hopefully it will reach soon. As for pants, I think the yoga type maternity pants feel the best, they are very stretchable and soft. Hmm, I will do maternity clothes post once I received my Asos order and go more in depth about the clothing part.

As for sleep, I starts to sleep on my side more and more. I think when I lying on bed flatly, my back sores even if I've put pillows under my leg, it just doesn't as comfortable as I hope it would be. Good thing, I'm still able to sleep throughout the night and only got up to pee around 6-7am. I also starts to feel slightly difficult to get myself out from bed because I'm getting heavier and clumsier. At certain days, I also have some weird nightmare and I'll awake for many hours with eyes blinking and envy how soundly my hubby can sleep. During my off day I tend to nap for hours and for my evening work shift, I'll ensure myself to have at least 15mins nap, which I think rejuvenates me a lot.

Few days ago, the weather was very bad, it rains and it feels really cold and hardly see any sunshine. There are also days that felt like heatwave and making me feel so tired and headache. I took some photos during sunny days and it just cheers me up .

snacks before off to work!

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