OMG!!! Gestational Diabetes

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Oh my... it was such a relieved when my blood test report showed that everything is normal until last week...
Since my cousin sister just gave birth and telling me that she had gestational diabetes for both of her pregnancy I am always cautions with my food intake, I am so worried that I might have it too. Although our parents didn't have it, our family history, our granny has type II diabetes.

During my monthly appointment with my OB/GYN last Tuesday, I was so surprised to know my blood sugar reading isn't good enough, it was higher 1 unit compared with my previous appointment. Well, I passed my glucose test last month by swallowing the whole cup of freaking concentrated glucose water - yuck! Now, it just turned to the other way round. Dr told me to control my diet and you know what, it seems hard because I feel hungry all the time.

Other than that, when I googled about gestation diabetes, some articles are just way too much. It makes me worried and having weird nightmares. Only few blogs and website are helpful enough by showing tips and tricks, diet menu for gestational diabetes. So, I think the less I google the better it will be for this moment. I've also printed some notes and diet plan too. So far, I think it works pretty good just that I need to be very, very careful with my choices for food.

Thank God that I'm don't have sweet toothed, anything sweets such as ice cream, cookies ,cakes, desserts and etc, I'm glad to tell I've not have any craving for these food yet. The only issue is - I consumed way too much starchy food such as bread, biscuits and rice. So, when I reduced my carbs, I feel so, so hungry till I need to munch something in order to comfort my stomach before I'm able to have a good night sleep. Else, the stomach will just making lots of noises.

Besides, checking my own blood sugar is quite torturing too. At least for now, I'm just very reluctant to poke my own finger for at least 4 times a day. One side of my brain telling me to poke for the sake of my baby, the other side just telling me, ouch, ouch, it's gonna hurt ! Oh dear... pull hair** eyes rolled **

It has been a week and this morning when I poked my fingers, it doesn't hurt that much. Before breakfast my blood sugar was 4.5mmol/L, 2hours after breakfast it was 5.3mmol/L, so it seems pretty normal. I shall continue to monitor my diet and blood sugar till my next appointment. **Finger crossed** everything will be alright. God, please help me to have a smooth pregnancy! I'll update more on this topic after I figures a diet plan that suits me.

P/S: please do not share any scary news on gestational diabetes, I'm very sensitive towards all these news because it just freaks me. More blog posts is coming soon.

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