My Current Cleansing Routine Products

When the sun goes down, daily activities end..... it is the time most of us off to bed but never, ever, skip the cleansing steps. I'm very agree on this, sleep with makeup / without proper cleansing will not only clog your pores but also trigger acne breakout, accelerate skin aging and allow more color pigments sink into skin.

Now, lets move to my daily cleansing routines products. I have sensitive skin, sometimes it dries and flakes around my chin and cheek area, sometimes my skin is oily when I used unsuitable skincare. Basically my skin  condition changes according to the products I used and weather. So when my skin doesn't behave nicely, I will just use very simple products and avoid makeup as well.

I'm currently using these items. Daily cleansing items are the Simple Purifying cleansing lotion and Simple cleansing wipes, follow with Cosmecnique Bio Oxygen cleansing mousse. This is a fast cleansing routine.
When I use heavy/higher SPF sunscreen/ foundation, most of the time I will use use Shu Uemura cleansing oil. So far I've only tried the green cleansing oil, I think it works wonderfully, make my skin super clean. I like to use Mandom Cleansing water (Sebum control) as well. The cleansing water just helps to remove most of the makeup. I like how well the cleansing water works in removing lipstick/gloss, very effective.
Well, so much products shown, don't get me wrong, I didn't use all these everyday. It is depends on how my skin behave and that particular day makeup.
If I'm opt for a more thorough cleansing product, I will go to cleansing oil. Fast cleansing,  I will go for cleansing water or simple cleansing set. Then, using the mousse cleanser as my second cleansing steps. I do double cleanse my face, it is just to ensure most of the dirt been removed.


Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is the best I've tried so far, the new version of this green cleansing oil works even better. It emulsified faster than the old version, the texture is lighter as well. I tried other cleansing oil too, but non of them squeeze into my HG list. As for price, I think it is fair, you get the quality you had paid for. I don't feel it is drying or making my skin more oily. It just works perfectly.

Mandom Cleansing water works fast in removing surface makeup, it doesn't cleanse deep into pores, some makeup might still stick inside the pores. However, I find it works nicely in removing lip products. I even tried the Avene Micellair cleansing water, same thoughts as this. If you only use sunscreen or light makeup and lazy to remove makeup, maybe this is something to go for.

Simple Cleansing sets. Start with the cleansing lotion, the texture is light yet emollient enough for my drier skin. I prefer the hygienic squeeze bottle than a jar of cleansing cream whereby I've to dip my fingers in everyday. It is slightly similar to the Cellnique Vital cleansing milk but without any oil left behind.
I squeeze out about size of old 50cents coins on palm, massage on face, wipes off with the cleansing wipes. Voila! I'm done.
As for the cleansing wipes, it contains 25 pcs of facial wipes. It comes with few types: oily skin and anti-aging skin. I've yet to try the other two. My skin love this wipes. It does helps in removing makeup. I love to use these when doing swatches or a quick skin refreshments. These are suitable for sensitive skin, it cleanse pretty well without irritate my skin. It also makes my skin feel refresh and soft. The price is every affordable too.Basically, I use these every single day, my skin is happy!

After the 1st cleansing steps, I will use a foam /gel cleanser to wash off all the residues. I'm currently using Cosmecnique Bio Oxygen Mousse cleanser. It is recommended by my current beautician. I use this morning and night. I use 1 to 11/2 pump(s). The mousse is very fine and airy. The scent is soothing and refreshing. I don't think it dries out my skin. I've tried some foam cleanser, all are very drying and makes my skin flakes as if I'm a fish. It rinse off easily too and I can feel my pores inhale as much oxygen as they want. This is my 2nd bottle, a bottle didn't last long since I use it day and night. It made in France, cost around RM118-128 depends on which beauty salon you visit too. Price wise, I do think it is slightly expensive, anyway, since it works for my skin, I don't mind this little investment. But I will alternate this cleanser with Cellnique Seaweed Cleanser later on. Cellnique Seaweed cleanser will be used in the morning and Cosmecnique cleanser in night time.

In a nutshell, these are my current cleansing products use during the night time. I really enjoy using them, always go for something suitable to your skin and doesn't burden the wallet. Understand what your skin needs and use skincare appropriately. Expensive doesn't mean is good, drugstore might have some good skincare too. Look around and read reviews. I will update my cleansing routine products again when I've replaced them with other new things.

How's about you? Did you cleanse your skin before off to bed?

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