Best of 2013

oh.... I'm late, yes and I'm so sorry for the delay. I've really loss the actual timing to post this topic. Without further ado, here I present you my best of 2013.

It will be 13 best of for me to highlighted. After all, it was 2013 and 13 best of is just purrrrfect!

1. Best of Family Moments
This has to be my wedding. All of my relatives attended, those who not manage to get leave really made effort to attend. I've so happy and thankful. Whether is happy/grievance, a family should always care about each other and give a full moral/spiritual support.

2. Best of Thing I Did For Myself
Since I just married a month ago, I'm still very proud to say that, I plan the almost 80% of my wedding details myself, 20% would be a helping hands from my mother-in-laws and my parents. I literally planned the home-stay for about 30-40 relatives, meals for 2 days and all the cleaning works. It was tiring, but worth it!

3. Best of Skincare Tip I've Learn
Each time I visited my beautician, she will say: your skin is very dry! Do you ever put on a hydrating mask after exfoliation?! Opps... I didn't but now I DO. Always, always remember to put on a hydrating mask after face scrub/peeling/exfoliation. It really helps to keep all the flakes at bay, leaving your skin baby soft and almost zero pores.

4. Best of Drugstore Steals
Simple cleansing sets. OH, I must give this simple cleansing set a big shout out. It works perfectly for my very sensitive skin. As much as I love makeup, I don't really 'decorate' my face everyday before go to work. I will only put sunscreen, face powder, lipstick/lipbalm. The Simple cleansing lotion is amazing, not oily nor harsh to my skin, followed by the cleansing wipes! Viola! I'm done removed my makeup and ready for my next cleansing step. Plus, it doesn't kill my wallet.

5. Best of Skincare Routine I've Practiced
Apply sunscreens no matter what. I'm not a perfect person, I do get lazy from time to time, sticking on a certain routine sometimes really pissed me but this one was really different. Since I got engaged with my hubby and before we had our wedding. I've moved and stayed at his hometown. The sun is stronger than I can imagine when I was in KL. I noticed I got more and more freckles on my face, my beautician started to complain about my laziness. I was then started to put sunscreen everyday. I'm happy I still practiced this good habit

6. Best of Sunscreen Discovered
Different skin types required different sunscreen. I like my sunscreen to be creamy but ended with a matte to semi-matte finished. I hate shine/shimmery sunscreen, it looks terrible as if I have not wash my face since morning. I love Cellnique sunscreen SPF30. It adds a pink glow to my skin.

7. Best of Personal Growth Experience
I like this one. I think as we aged, we definitely need to look into our personal growth. It shows we've learned and gained some valuable experience after time. It would be my understanding of the life.
A family should be unite all the time, love, understand, tolerate and respect each other. Nothing is perfect, but we learn from mistake and every flaws is unique on its own.

8. Best of IT Gadget I've Owned
A big thanks to my beloved husband who bought me Samsung Galaxy S4. I love it to bits. I like everything I need fit into 1 gadget. One of the star program I enjoyed is the S Health, it helps to keep track my diet and workouts.

9. Best Magazine I've Read
I love Women's Weekly magazine. I think it is very informative from all aspects. From makeup, skincare, recipes, parenting advice, self development and etc. The recipes is always mouth-watering.

10. Best of Skincare Product Discoveries
Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment - amazing acne treatment I've encountered so far. I've done a review on this, check it out if you're interested. It doesn't leave scar on the red pimple spots, not drying, no tingling, no burning sensation. 30ml last a long way too. Here's the link Kiehl's Acne Treatment Review

11. Best of Travel Experience
Last year, hubby and I didn't travel by plane. We were too busy with works and our wedding. But I managed to spend 1 day to Pangkor Island. It is not a high class place to visit, but I enjoyed the 1 day tour ourselves, checking the tiny map and hubby ride motorcycle. Shhh, it was my 1st time hubby rode motorcycle with me. It was a relaxing short trip and new experience we gained.

12. Best of Healthy Food
I love Greek Yogurt. It tastes wonderful, so creamy and feel so..... luxury? I like to eat it plain, with pancakes, with papaya or bananas.

13. Best of Self Help Book I've Read
What I mean self help book here is, a reading material that I make me feel comfort, give me a lot of reflections, inspirations. I would definitely recommend Chicken Soup. It comes with various series for different ages. I got mine from book exhibition and it has been translated into chinese. Read 1 topic a day or a week truly helps me a lot.

Oh dear, that's all I would like to highlighted for 2013. If there's more you would like to know, do ask, I'll try my best to reply in the comments. Have a great weekends ahead!

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