Diet Food in Bazaar Ramadhan

Hello, as much as I enjoy my diet food, sometimes, I will look for other interesting food. I'm not a great cook but there's truly some simple and easy diet food that we can find in Bazaar Ramadhan and also make ourselves (if you want).

I noticed a lot of Ramadhan food tend to be a tad bit fatty, most of the food smell good but you'll regret if you break your diet rules. So, I'm pretty much start off my diet plan again. Why? I'm huge in sizes and my body starts to alarm me. I'm so worried that I can't fit into my wedding gown by the end of this year. Then, I decided to cut down my food intake. I avoid rice, but I still consume a little bit of bread, noodles, vermicelli, macaroni and etc .

Okay, back to the actual topic. I love to have 'popiah', 'pecal', 'tauhu sumbat' and soy milk. These are my top favourite food that I will get when I get the chance shop around in the Bazaar Ramadhan.

Popiah or known as spring rolls. Normally I prefer it wraps with long  beans, bean sprouts, stir fried eggs, a little bit of ham, lettuce, mengkuang shreds. Tell you, this food taste so, so good and no worries of getting lots of excess fat.

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Pecal or Pecel is an Indonesian sauce based on chillies, peanuts, tamarind and coconut sugar. It is commonly served over boiled vegetables and ketupat rice or vermicelli . I love this to death, seriously. I think it is healthy because all the vegetables served without oil. Sometimes, my mom will make this though we aren't Malays. Well, just embrace the food no matter what races you are. Today I bought a packet of pecal from the Bazaar Ramadhan, it was too spicy for my taste, but overall it still deserves a credit. 

Tauhu sumbat is another my diet food this month. It serves best if you refrigerate it for a little while.
There are some variation in the vegetables part. Some people prefer using just cucumber whereas some enjoy it with cucumber shreds and carrot shreds. I personally enjoying both but think the sauce serves as a very important part in order to make it taste even greater.

Lastly, in order to fulfill the hunger, please eat more fibre. Diet doesn't mean that you don't eat anything and starve ourselves, it is all about eating healthy and in a smaller portion. Off course, a nice cardio workout will help to burn off more fats and calories. All ways remember, you are what you eat!

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  1. salivating, literally.. i love spring rolls too! But i made mine with stir fried (less oil) carrot, sengkuang and minced meat, sauteed with onion, ginger & garlic.. uhm uhm good!


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