Project Used Up #1

Hooray, it is so, so good to see things we bought got used up. Sometimes, I tend to buy a lot, and a lot backups for items I like too. But then, when it becomes too much, it will only end up as trash, what a waste!
Thus, project used up came in. I'm glad I did it and yes, more to come. Then, only I allow myself to haul more skincare.

Some samples, not bad just serve as usual skincare.

All time favourites so far are skincare from Cellnique. I think this is the 3rd time I hit pan, the mask is perfect and works amazing for my skin.

Product I use maybe every other day / when I need. The Kose liquid wash took me forever to hit pan. Goodness, I like how foamy it is, but I hate it strip out my skin every time I use it. Avene cleansing water works just nice. I'm still wondering how compatible is it towards Bioderma H2O

2 tiny green bottles. The fragrance -- nice + fresh! (LE) so, don't think I can buy it anymore.
The It's Skin PO Effector: shrink pores, doesn't works for me at all. It feels smooth on skin. (not going to repurchase).

That's all for my vol.1 project used up. I feel proud and happy when these babies hit pan!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Oh! Yeeees~ I enjoy empty products too!

    Great job with finishing all those items!!


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