Oopss, I haul !

Ohlala.... I had a short trip with my hubby a week ago. Seriously I miss and love KL so much, not to mention the traffic jam. During my trip to KL, I was sick, I don't have much time to shop for clothing as it isn't part of my plan. Each time when I traveled, I would plan things I want to buy. I think I'm more concern on my skin, so I sort of missed and forgot to stop by some brand such as Zara, F21, Dorothy Perkins.
Oh well, it was Haze season, I caught flu too, everything was quite rushing actually.

I stopped by at Kiehl's twice in 2 different department store and got myself and mommy our all time cleansing oil. I've been using cellnique skincare for almost a year now, I hit pan very often, their items seems to run out faster than any skincare I've tried. So, I gonna stock up every 3months.

Start with Shu's famous cleansing oil. My mom always have the green bottle. I know Shu has pink, purple,yellow,etc... Recently the 'green oil' got re-formulated, the SA told me the texture is thinner, but the function was improved. I've yet to use it because I still have 1/2 bottle Shiseido cleansing oil. But, pinky promise, I will share my thoughts on this new version green oil. The SA gave me some samples, I think I might just include'em in review.

As for my ultimate skincare, I restock the toner,seaweed cleansing gel and the milk cleanser. I got the promotion set which cost around RM307.Sometimes, it is better to stock up when there's promotion, things kind of more worth it. I got a box (5pcs) of mask, very soothing and hydrating for free, LOVE it!
Seriously,I don't think I will repurchase the milk cleanser (I've mentioned in my previous review) but since it comes along with the promo set, I just take it. Plus, I seldom wear heavy makeup, so I shouldn't have any problem with the cleansing part.
 * always do double cleansing - cleaner skin and better skincare absorption *

Before I hit pan for my cellnique D'sensi calming cream, I always start searching other moisturizer. I can't use heavy moisturizer as it clog my pores and giving me tiny oil bumps. Grhhhh!!! I can't use scented skincare as it make my skin itch when exposed under the sun. I've read some blogs reviews, Youtube reviews. Then , I decided to give Kiehl's skincare a try. For the volume and price, I consider it as fair trade. I was very happy and pleased with the senior SA in MidValley outlet. She is very nice, clear guide and helpful. She gave some good advises too. I ended up buying the ultrafacial cream, skin rescue and blemish control treatment. I got some samples too, happy! The next day I stop buy at Empire Gallery, the SA isn't helpful, more like a self-service outlet, but they do give samples to try but not clear like senior SA in MidValley. I got hubby the oil free moisturizer, I didn't get the jumbo size as hubby sometimes don't like to use skincare. But so far, he is quite please and happy with the oil free moisturizer.

I decided to try some drugstore skincare. Nive pure& natural set cleansing lotion and toner RM18.90 only and the St.Ives green tea cleanser was on sale for RM20.80. I bought them and will post up a review soon.

Oopss, I did it again. Well, haul once a while like such is quite enjoying. What did you haul recently? Please share, I would love to know too....


  1. What a nice skin care haul!! <3

  2. love to read haul post so much. I am currently using Magixpress Repair Cream and Magixpress Marine Algae Cleanser, which suprisingly works for me in reducing milia seeds around my forehead. You might want to try them out. It's kinda costly because its a skin treatment product. If you wanna try those, you can ask me. I can help you get it, coz I'm helping my aunt who is selling it. Juz some sharing. Not a spam anyway. Check out www.luvbeautee.sto.my and my blog : l-angelic.blogspot.com


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