I'm Back

Hello, I'm back. I've a personal issue going on which makes me feel terrible and uncomfortable. Since I'm far away from my friends and family members, I literally went through alone and off course I burst into tears when I saw my Momma..... anyway, by gone were by gone. I decided to take a break and rest awhile from blogging, wondering lots of lots of things. Well, now I'm back and my moods seem to be more stable and relaxed.

Month of May was a bad month for me, but I had went trough. I miss blogging, those days when I was in my university, I used to blog actively and I met lots of super nice ladies here, but some of them no longer blog and slowly  I think we sort of lost contact, how sad. Beauty community in blog-sphere is strong, I find that at here (blogging community) we support each other, either morally,mentally or both. Eg: if you were divorce, these people are here for you, helping you, listen to you. I'm so thankful for all these. By the way, I miss doing swap and chatting with them so much.

Month of June, things went a bit better for me. Hubby and I went for a short trip. It has been awhile we didn't have our time together (just 2 of us) doing things that we love, meeting people that we missed, etc...
we even managed to survey our wedding bands which will be used by the end of this year ^_^

Tomorrow, month of July, I hope I'll be able to continue blogging in a more frequent pace.
Besides, I'll try to make this blog more like a lifestyle blog, I find that myself prefer reading blogs as such than  something that just talking about makeup and skincare...

Lastly, nice flowers from hubby =]

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