The Belated March Favourites + Short Review White Perfect Night Cream

Hello, is April, time flies.
Work has been more hectic than previous month. My sister in law just gave birth, we all have a new born in our house.

I've pretty much stick with my skincare regime but I did tried a new skincare product, salad recipe and exercises.

As for the skincare, I really enjoy using the Loreal White Perfect Night cream as part of my night time routine.
White Perfect Night Cream contains a breakthrough ingredient - Melanin Vanish™, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. Night after night, spots are reduced, skin looks fairer and more radiant.
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Volume: 50ml
Price: range between MYR 28-30
Texture: light watery lavender color cream
Scent: soothing scent, nothing floral.

Review: I find that the cream itself is not too heavy for my skin type, it just nicely hydrates and brightens my complexion. As usual, I will apply my Cellnique toner, skin action sebum gel then top up with the night cream. Like my previous night time skincare routine, I always use water gel cream, it hydrates but not enough. I still notice and feel my skin tugging every morning after cleansing. Some times I see flakes around my cheek/ chin, it truly helps a lot. My skin texture seems to be more supple and more stable, less redness.

As for salad recipe, I mainly make this version. Less carbo, less salt, less fat... More vege and healthier


  • cherry tomatoes / vine ripe tomato
  • toasted walnuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • sesame (black)
  • bread crumbs (if needed)
  • blueberry (if needed)
  • raisin (if needed)
  • lettuces/ alfafa/ crunchy leafy vege
  • plain vanilla yogurt
or any sort of dressing you prefer. I just think using mayonnaise is fatty.

The last item is exercise. I don't believe that just by control the food intake and omit exercise can loose weight. At least, exercise helps burn fat, strengthen muscles, joints. When I was checking for diet plan, I came across this blog Blogilates. She is such an inspiration. Although some of the workout is ''torturing'', it is truly worth it when you see the results. I've still have lots of workout to learn, but part of my favourites are Call Me Maybe Squats and Drive By Inner Thigh. OMG..... my leg muscle sores until now.... Haha... 

I hope it is not too late for me to post my March favourites. I will do some products review tomorrow and keep finger cross, I will do some EOTD or FOTD.

Have a nice day!

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