Is All About My Drugstore Products Adventure For The Month of May

Hello... well, today is all about drugstore products... and seriously, I think I liking them a lot.

So, start with the stuffs in my bathroom

  1. Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Conditioner - cheap and effective, leaving my hair soft and fluffy
  2. Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil - deep cleanse my scalp, leaving a cool sensation before rinse off. I feel it strips off my natural hair oil, so after use, I must follow up with a conditioner. Use once a week. Well, no more itchy/oily scalp for now.
  3. Nivea In-shower conditioner (Normal skin)-  after shower, just lather it all over the body, leave it for about 1min, and rinse off. I think it is quite fast and easy, but I'm not really liking the sticky hint left behind. So.... I give this a thumb down.
  4. Neutrogena Deep Cleanse (Brightening, Mulberry) Cleansing Foam - I'm in love with this, gentle yet effective. I actually got quite a lot compliments on my skin lately. It smells amazing too. The dispenser pump out just the perfect amount of foam for my entire face :)
  5. Lactacyd Feminine Wash (Nourish) - seriously I think this works better for me as compare with the other versions. Smell fresh and just keeps my V clean. I'm a loyal user.
  6. Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Body Wash - no scent and more like a gel consistency. It contains loofah which works as the exfoliator. I think daily use is okay, but if you are looking for a higher strength of exfoliation for the body, this is slightly too gentle.
  7. Dove Instense Repair Shampoo - one word : perfect ! Even without using conditioner my hair is still soft and smooth. Well, so far so good, I didn't see any split ends appear.

Next move to the face part: skincare!

  1. Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Serum 50mL - it just does what it says. My skin become fairer, seriously and my beautician was keep on asking me what I've done to my skin. lol. It applies easily, just 2-3pumps and it absorbs quite fast too, no oily at all.
  2. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer - I'm just so addicted to this thing. Basically, it just keeps my skin clean and matte but not drying.
  3. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer - I only use this at night, not every night but 3-4 times a week, when I'm too tired to layer my skincare and just want to have a quick moisturizer. Squeeze, rub between my palm, spread onto face. Viola! Somehow, I really not liking to massage it on my face because I notice the longer I massage/apply onto my face, the vitamin E scents become stronger. Hmm, I just not enjoy that scent.
  4. Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter - nice name, nice scent, nice texture
  5. Sunplay SPF60, PA+++ - first of all, I got this simply because the lil chick is so cute, yellow is cheerful color. The sunscreen itself is runny, shake well before use. Just like a regular sunscreen.

And now for my feet. Keep it simple. I received a sample size of Ellgy cracked heel cream last month which came in with my monthly must read magazine, so I tried it and miracle happens. I noticed my heels become smoother, well, obviously I don't have the perfect "NO CRACKED HEELS". So 1 day application keep it hydrate, 2nd day application I started to see less noticeable cracked heels, and some dry patches have been cleared off. Once the little sample finished, I quickly bought a tube, just so happy to tell, it heals my cracked heels! Wheeee ~~
(p.s -- the socks is perfect in size, stretchable and breathable, I wear it after apply the cream)

I even use drugstore products before heading to work:

  1. Clinelle Powder Compact (Ivory) - super natural on my skin, very flattering. Most important is the matte finish, not cakey, no problem for my pores size too.
  2. Revlon Brow Crayon (Dark Brown) - almost matches my original brow color. 2-3 strokes, and use the spoolie attached, and I got a nice and natural looking brow.
  3. Za Ever Brow (Natural Brown) - super easy to use of compare with the Revlon Brow Crayon, totally dump proof, perfect for beginners. I also like the little spoolie attached. Well, I think I just meet my drugstore holy grail for my brows. As much as I like my Revlon one, I can assure you, I like this very, very, verrrrrrry much! Thanks Cynthia for recommend this to me.
  4. Za Perfect Fit Concealer (02) - just nice. Well, I might looking for another brand to try out. So far, I'm quite satisfy with it.

Lastly, is all about my lotions. When you stay in a cool, dry condition, whether you like it or not, you must have lotions, so do I.

1. Vaseline Hand and Nails Lotion- Smell good. Very smooth and soft, non oily.
2. Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk - I can't believe I'm actually liking this more and more. Really soothes my dry skin, bye bye itchy skin and Hello silky soft skin.
3. Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing lotion - I use this a long time ago, probably during my University years. Basically I like Vaseline lotions, smells good and non sticky. The only Vaseline lotion I can't use is the pink bottle lotion : Perfect 10, B3, Whitening... the list goes on. I think I'm allergic to the perfume in it, making my skin very itchy.

Wow.... such a long, long journey and story to tell about my drugstore products adventure. I guess, that's all for today. I like using drugstore products, they are affordable and quite efficient. Looking forward for more drugstore products adventure in the future.

Have a nice day!

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