Empties: Mainly Skincare + Short Reviews

Hello.... it has been a month I did not blog, well, sometimes I just need a break for holiday and get myself recharge with more positives energies! woo~~

Since it is the new month, I thought to start my blog post with products empties and then I will have more posts coming up. 

1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer
- this stuff is amazing, I used it for quite awhile and I think this is my 3rd tube. I like how it moisturize my skin without leaving any stickiness/oil residue. Skin feels hydrates but not oily, most important is it gives a nice matte finish and pores do look better.

2. Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution - HERE (I've reviewed it in my previous post)
- amazing texture and heals/lightens acne scars and pigmentation

3. Cellnique Advance Bio Renewal Masque
- my 3rd jar, I like how it unclogs my pores, it is a scrub mask. You apply it onto face, leave it for 5-10mins,
wet your palm, massage and rinse off.  I don't recommend it uses on sensitive skin as it contains AHA. Upon application, a mild tingling sensation is normal, so no worries. I find it helps brightens the complexion too. Skin feels really, really smooth after that. Down side, quite pricey.

4. Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment - HERE ( I've reviewed it awhile back)
- saviour for the skin disaster aka zits

5. Cellnique D'sensi Calming Gel Cream
- good for dry, dehydrated, itchy, sensitive skin. Sooth my skin during its disaster time especially travelling and cold, dry season. Normally I use this at night, overall it is a great product. I used to love this very much, but as my skin condition changes, I only use it during night time. Down side, quite pricey.

6. Kose Moisture Skin Repair
7. Kose Infinity Astringent
8. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
 - HERE ( review for Kose items)

9. Cosmecnique Bio-oxygen Mousse Cleanser - HERE ( I've reviewed it awhile back)
- very gentle, mild yet effective cleanser. I'm currently addicted with mousse cleanser, I think they cleanse well and less hassle.

That's all for my empties. Good thing, bye for the empties, yay for the new skincare items and more reviews to come.

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