What I Got from Yunnam, China

It has been almost a month since I've came back from my Yunnam, China vacation. It was so much fun and wonderful memories. During my vacation, I bought some skincare, jewelries, tea and silk and of course souvenir for family members. I thought to share with you all about what I thought really worth to get, so next time if any of you decided to travel there, you got an idea about what to get.

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Here we go......

Lavender pouches from the flower market. Tell you, if you love flower, whether is real/ fake/ dried flower you'll love that place ALOT.  Everything made/came from flowers are available in the flower market! I also got lavender essential oil 10ml and a rose face mist 50ml. Oh man, now I wish I got more from there, the face mist is AMAZING! and things are pretty affordable and tourist entitle extra discount... wohoo

People said, when you visit to China you can get/ find/ bought good quality of silk. I'm not sure how good the silk quality they have but with the price and the touch of silk linger around my skin feels incredibly good and great.  I got 1 bottle of pearl cream, can use all over the body and face and 2 jars of Bio-silver ginseng gel with silk extract. I got 3 because it was sale whereby I bought 3 for RMB100. I look at my hubby and he said go ahead. The pearl cream smell super good and make my skin feel so soft and seriously very, very smooth.

Next, during the introduction of silk products/goodies the sales representative kept on promoting really high end, high thread count of bed sheets/blankets/ multipurpose blanket which and be folded into tiny pillow. As she introduced, everything getting pricier and pricier. Most of my tour members went out of the shop. Hubby and I totally no intention to buy since we already have and using one right now. Suddenly a young man SA came over and said he will sell the bed sets with free multipurpose blanket/pillow and bed sheets and blanket cover (I think the thread count is near to 1000) at price of RMB 2180 for king size. There are various pattern to choose and hubby decided to pick the dandelion print. I chose a cozy printing for the multipurpose pillow/blanket. Well, surprise, surprise, we bought it and the little pillow/blanket (pink color with rose printing on it) will be used when our little baby born. I'm still hoping to get pregnant soon...everything is totally worth it. Later on, more aunties and uncles came in a bought the set we got offered.

from left to right are the shawl/scarf I got from the Lijiang Old Town night market. The printing is nice, the price is even nicer. I got 2 for RMB30. Wow, such a great deal. The white one is really pretty and great to mix and match with a lot of dresses while the pink one is more matured look. 
Oh, by the way, I also got 4 Burberry blouse and Polo shirts. According to my tour guide, the Burberry at the outlet in Dali Hotel is authentic, it is cheap because was made in China, some are rejected items because of some very small, minor and almost flawless flaw. Seriously, I've never own any Burberry clothing and own 2 polo shirts feels great. The texture and the quality of the clothing is super, super soft and wonderful.The other 2 blouses were the gave to my mother-in-law.

Since we also visited to Dali which is famous for its silver jewelry, I got some studs, necklace for my mom, grandma and myself. It is super, super bright and stunning. I only shown mine because I've already sent out the gifts to my mom and grandma.

  I got the infinity studs, I'm quite regret actually for not getting more studs. haha.. Each studs cost RMB180. Since I bought more than RMB1000 for my total purchase I was entitled to buy this color silver, cute fish necklace (14''inch) I believe at RMB60. Very happy. I recommend to buy the bangle for the old folks as the silver purity reach 9999.99%. But of course the price will be lots different. I'm looking forward to get more silver jewelries next time. Perhaps ask someone to CP for me... heheheh

Last but not least, how not to get tea leaves when you visit to China. Yunnam is famous for the PuEr tea. PuEr tea also famous for its healthcare benefits such as reduce cholesterol levels in our blood serum, helping in weight loss, breakdown the fats compounds ant etc...

I got bunch of PuEr tea leaves age 9year old and I also bought the Dai minorities 21year old tea brick for my dad. I've never like drinking tea until I got older, and married, each time I got back home, I will enjoy PuEr tea with my dad. This time visiting to China, I also got the newly released Jasmine PuEr blend tea. It smells so good, the jasmine scent so very soothing too.

All in all, I hope my little tips of shopping in Yunnam, China help. Hope you all enjoy ~

Have a great day!

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