Recent Use: The Base Makeup

These days I only want simple makeup look which is why this topic come in place. I think base makeup is so important because showing your face at its best condition really important. It doesn't matter what you use, thick or sheer, as long as there's something on the very top of the skin, I feel better and more presentable.
Of course, I do show my bare face too because we all do have those days that we just want to be makeup free and enjoy our very own skin.

I don't have too much to show but basically these are those essential I use on my skin. The only different is how light, heavy, matte, glowy I want the look to be, and all is depends on my mood, weather and how much time I have.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder # Translucent
Quickest among all. I like how affordable it is and also just swirl some powder and swipe onto the face and done, I'm ready to go. I consider this to be an everyday carefree look as it doesn't have much coverage, mainly use as a setting powder or to reduce any sort of shine from the face. It serve well for any weekend look to whereby you only wear simple T-shirts with jeans/shorts, just something very quick and simple.

2. IOPE BB Cushion N21
BB cushion deserves the hype, seriously. When it first hit the market, everyone rave about it but there are so many in the market. This brand was introduced by a blogger to me who actually helped me bought it as well. I'm not a person who enjoy heavy or high coverage look, so I opted for N with lightest shade 21. There C for higher coverage and S if I'm not mistaken for a more dewy/glowy look. N21 blends in really nice and flawless onto my skin, just few dab and patting motion and you can achieve a very fresh korean actress skin. It feels nice and fresh on the skin, but then it started to feel a bit sticky after 4-5hours depends on the weather. I find this gives me a nice skin look and I just need this to look good, awesome!

3. Sekkisei Supreme Foundation #OC410
I like the coverage and the feel it stays on my skin. Although the powder starts to wear off after 4-5hours, it still remains a very nice soft look on my skin. My only complain is the selection of shades, it is very difficult to get the shade I want and some of the shades started to be discontinued. It is finely milled and apply so easy and smoothly by the sponge attached and it able to cover up some dark marks/spots. My work day foundation work pretty well.

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer Primer
I think it controls my oil secretion very well, and keeping the makeup base to be more long lasting. It has this silicone feel that glides on the skin with a touch or powdery hint but doesn't hide or minimize the appearance of pores. But overall, it still serve me well. I apply this after my sunscreen and before my base makeup.

5. Physician Formula Mineral Face Powder #Translucent
This is another face powder like the Rimmel face powder. I find this product has a higher coverage and tend to be more long lasting. You still look very polish even after 6 hours with this one. It doesn't have any scent but it is so soft and smooth when applied on skin.  Personally I think this works better than the Rimmel one.

6. Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Compact #O20
Oh dear, I'm so in love with this baby.  The shade matches me perfectly and upon application it always gives me a very fresh, soft glow. However, please do not expect any high coverage from this compact powder as it glides on quite sheer. As I've mentioned before, I like light to medium coverage products a lot, so if you have similar taste like me, you may want to give this a try. Love it!

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