Current Skincare Routine : Day Time Using Kose & Cellnique

Is skincare time... having a good skin is more important than layering your face with loads of makeup. Using products that suits to you skin types will make the skin looks healthy and glow from within. So, when it comes to skincare items, I must admit I'm the picky one, although I tend to switch my skincare item every few months, I still keep and repurchase those that works well to my current skin condition.

I'm not any skincare guru but I thought sharing some of my thought might help those who wanted to try out other skincare products/brand. Your skin will not be the same every year because we aged so do our skin, no one will have acne skin, oily skin, dry skin forever. It is about how you take care of it that makes it looks better and at its best condition. Skincare is all about try and error, I don't believe what works on others will 100% works the exact same on me. Always understand what your skin needs before committed to any skincare and if possible read some reviews online, it might help and give you an idea about a products.

For my day time skincare routine, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I will start my day with:

1. Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cleansing Souffle
Very gentle face wash, it works wonderful on my skin. Well, I think it is important to wash my face in the morning to get rid of grim and dirt. Your skin is still working, repairing itself while you're sleeping and who can guarantee that the place we sleep at is 100% free from dirt? It might look real clean on naked eyes but there might be tiny little dirt flying all around in the air. Okay, this whole process is just mean to clean the face and removes the oil and dirt. I highly recommend this for those who have sensitive and dry skin. It is so gentle that I'm no longer worried it will my makes skin flakes.

2. Kose Sekkisei Clarifying Essence
Later on, just for double cleanse and removes dead skin cells I will use the clarifying essence. I'm on my 3rd bottle right now. All I can say is, it removes the residue that we've missed out during the cleansing routine and help to suppress the formation of pigment melanin. Sometimes, I will notice some dirt/ yellowish grim appeared on the cotton pads. Other than that, this item also help the absorption of the following skincare items.

3. Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion
After that, spritz some toner. Now, I'm using the Cellnique Soothing & hydrating lotion. I've been using this for years and even introduce to my husband. We both love it very much. It feels really refreshing and cooling probably because of the ginger and algae extract. Sometimes, I pour it on few cotton pads and leave it on my face for a quick boost. Hydration is very important, nothing will be nice without a proper dose of hydration. Our skin needs water too!

4. Kose Sekkisei Emulsion
Then, depends on how my skin feels in the morning. If I feel it is bit dry, I will go for the emulsion. The emulsion should be used on cotton pad and wipe on the the skin. This will ensure a better absorption and an even application on the skin. The emulsion is light but not oily. My skin always feels more alive after using it.
(P.S: Few years back when I started using this, I really dislike this despite of how light and runnier the consistency, I felt the whole thing just sit on my skin not sink into my skin. It always leave my skin very shiny and oily. If you feel so, please consult the SA because you are probably using it the wrong way. Now, my skin condition is different, and my current SA is so nice that she explained each steps, do and don't on the products. Now, it has a place in my heart. )

5. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum I
If I'm not using the emulsion, I will go for the serum I. When my skin feels right in the morning, I mean right in terms of hydration and no flakes or dry patches, I'll use this. It comes in gel formula but feels really light, non sticky at all. What makes it great is, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. Compare with Sekkisei emulsion this one is lighter but still perform well on my skin. Even the famous Taiwan guru Niu Er claimed that he recommend this item out of all the Pure Advance Range. I think, if you have oily skin, this one will work just nice too.

6. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly
A light eye gel. The scent is almost similar like the Pure Advance Serum I. I'm almost use up the whole tube now so I will include my short review over here. If you're eye area is still in a good condition, still 'youthful' ahem** this will be nice, but if your eye area is drying and have signs of aging, who might want to pass it. I picked this up months ago because I really couldn't use any eye cream as those give me tiny milia. So, I decided to give this a try. Is okay to be used in the day but it will be too light for me to use at the night time. Plus, I'm no longer a young lady. Oh boy! I've seen lines under my eye area, not nice and not fun at all.
Once I've finished this, I think I will have to hunt another eye product to be used for the day time. Go for it if you eye area doesn't have any crow feel, wrinkles, pass it if you started to see some little fine lines. I don't think it will diminish any wrinkle/lines.

7. Kose Sekkisei Skin Protect Essence Gel SPF50, PA+++
After all the skincare, apply sunscreen whether you like it or not, just apply it. Go for sunscreen with at least SPF30, PA++ the sun rays UV cause too much damage to our delicate skin. I dislike liquid sunscreen most of the time, so using a gel type like this makes my skin feel so good. I think this is one of the most hydrating sunscreen I've ever used this far. It spreads like a dream and is good it doesn't leave any white cast. You can use this on the face or all over your body. So far, I'm happy with it I'm glad that beside the Cellnique SPF30 sunscreen that seems so unbeatable, there's still another choice for me. Yay!

I hope this will help and give you an idea on my day time skincare routine. Everyone has different skincare regime because we live in different country, different age and different skin types. Just choose your skincare wisely and you shall see results from the skincare items.

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