Move It Monday: You're Important

Let's talk about this seriously, I mean it. Is not mean for only Monday post but is sort of an inspiration that helped me gone through so many phases of my life as a worker and also as a family member.

First of all, hugs, and you are not alone because someone is always out there lending their helping hands to help and also support you in many ways. The only thing you need to do is talk about it so that people are aware what you need and how you feel, at least this is the least you can do to make you feel better.

At work, no matter what position you are, everyone has their own task to do, as long as you accomplish your task properly you're consider as a good helper and also a good team member. I know and I do understand the tiny little voice in our heart might whisper why do I only handle small task? Am I not important? so on and so forth... I used to think that, but after I told this to my boss, I've changed my mind. Just imagine, if everyone holding the same important task and who else will be going to solve some other tasks, and what if all were link together? Let's see a simpler view, a lorry driver and few other workers who helped to pick and categorize rubbish. A lorry driver seems to be very important, but without the help of other workers, can he finish his daily task? So many rubbish to be collected and to be categorized or not, so without the helping hands from other workers whose task seem so invaluable and dirty in eyes of a lot people, will he be able to finish his task? Whether you are holding a big or small position, everyone is important, because without you some tasks might not even be settled or solved. Don't feel neglected because people sometimes just haven't really learn the art of appreciation. Be happy, you're always important for everyone!

Now, as a family member, everyone have their own role, other than the bread winner of the family, others play and important role as well, whether you are young or old. For example, a baby knows nothing but he/she is important even they are still small. A baby is the apple my eyes.They make me, everyone happy and cheerful, they are cute and help others forget about their hectic work once they reach home. See, even their role is tiny, but it matters, why, because they are important. Housewives, without them helping the husband take care after the kids, how possible he can concentrate at his work? 

So, whenever you feel you'll lonely, tiny in the eyes/heart of others, don't be afraid and come over, I'll give a big, warm hug. No matter how small you feel, you're always not alone, be strong and be still, someone is out there for you. Raise your hand and speak about it. Always remember you are important even you are as tiny as a dust. You're important because no one is alone and being abandon forever. Have faith and hope...

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