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Looking at the array of lip colors... Oh gosh, one is never enough for me and having more than that is OMG!
I'm more into lip color with pink/peachy/neutral kind of pink anything brighter than that or out of the pink hue scope is like a nono ... Well, it just not really my cup of tea and I don't even think is work appropriate color.

I'm not sure how 'bout other girls, for me I like to have bunch of lipstick, glosses, lip tint in my little pouch and keep it warm and tight in my work bag. I might be using this color in the morning and after meal, I might have another color put on my lips.

1. MAC Lustre #Passion Charge
A very wearable almost hassle free color. Is bright but not over powering. The formula is slightly drying (for me) so I'll have to apply a thin layer of lipbalm before application. This color can be paired with a very define eye look or an everyday color. Nothing too fancy, but the color really brightens the complexion and boost the whole look. More cheerful I guess.

2. Benefit BeneTint
Very easy to put on, is either on lips or cheeks, so easy. I like the rosy tint and nice soft flush that show on my skin. Is watery but blend in very nicely and evenly. Totally no issue with blotchy and patches after use. It looks so natural on the skin. For me, it is best to be used when I'm in a rush or traveling.

3. Benefit Possie Tint
Soft pink, I prefer to use this only on my lips a lot. Looking for a baby pink lips that last long, go for this. I find that Possie Tint has the most flattering pink shade for me. You know, sometimes baby pink doesn't look great on everyone. I'm so glad that this pink shade leaves a very nice, soft color on my lips. Lol, should I say... more kissable? Haha...

4. Lip Ice Sheer Color
Sometimes, I just need something to use on my lazy day. 1-3swipes, depends how intense you want to color to be, tadaa.... done. You will not go wrong with this item. It applies clear on lips and then, magic ... it will turn in the a nice pink/fuchsia pink. Good thing, is a 2 in 1 product. You got the lip balm and the color in 1 bullet. It is quiet long lasting and I do struggling a little bit to remove it.

5. NYX Round Lipstick #Tea Rose
Soft muted pink. This one has a more settle finish, is creamy and glides on so smoothly on my lips. Is like butter melting on your lips. Very moisturizing and very pigmented. I like to apply then pat it with my fingers to create a more settle and Parisian kind of look. 

6. Revlon Lipbutter # Berry Smoothie
Buttery soft. The only issue I have is this thing is very heat sensitive, it melts if the weather is too hot. Disaster if it leaked every where. Berry Smoothie has some shimmer in it, I will consider this as you lip color but better. Flattering and I think you can apply it without a mirror and still look fabulous.

7. Clinique Baby Tint #02 Coming up Rosy
Other than the weird scent, this is a very pretty pink shade. It is a combination between peach and pink but lean more towards the pink side. I find that it is a tad bit drying on my lips because my lips peel a bit after use, still not sure if I'm sensitive towards its formula or other issues. I like how sheer it is as I dislike intense color.

8. Revlon Super Lustrous #Pink Pop
Quick swipe and I'm done. Pink pop is a blue tone pink but doesn't look too cold on my skin tone. I used to love lipgloss but as I aged, well gracefully, aha, I like lipstick more. This lipgloss has a good applicator that distribute the color evenly without sticking on my teeth. What's great about it is, drugstore item that didn't burden my wallet. I like the formula, non drying and not too sticky.

9. Burberry Lip Cover #No.22 Delicate Rose
My 1st product from Burberry's makeup. Delicate Rose is a soft nude pink. Very nice packaging and great pigmentation. For me, it conceals my natural lip color and bringing out the nude pink nice and evenly. It has a magnetic lid to which wows me, well, honestly I've never own any lipstick with the magnetic lid at all. It has a soft baby powder scent to me, it is okay but I still prefer a fragrance free lip stick. I think, Burberry lip cover has great formula that leaves my lips feel so comfortable. However, I don't recommend this shade for everyone because it might make you look sick and wash out. Have swatches 1st before you purchase. There's tons of nude, I'm sure you'll find your perfect nude lipstick. I like to use this for certain occasion because dang... it is quite pricey and I tend to keep the best for last, don't you?

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  1. Love that Lip Ice Sheer Color too! Been using it ever since high school. You made me want to try out more neutral colors for my lips now, because usually I always go for red lol. Thanks for the reviews!


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