My Love for Hourglass Blushes

I should say I'm not a huge fan of blushes whether is cream, liquid or powder, I was never a fan until.... I got my very first Hourglass Ambient Lightning blush in diffused heat. When I saw the palette I was like, what!!!! it looks so shimmery, no way I can pull this off and I was wrong, it gives me the most beautiful sheen and flush on my cheeks and since then, I'm in love with Hourglass blushes. Well, thanks to my lovely friend who introduced this brand to me.

1. Diffused Heat
I think this shade suits most skin tone, it has a very nice natural flush of color which creates a very healthy look. If swatches on hand, it will show as a reddish peachy color. Each palette might be different because the combination between the color and the highlighter are all very different, which is also one of the reason making each blush looks so unique and special. I got this in the actual size and I'm very enjoy using it. I think this shade works for all seasons as well and it looks so natural and settle on the skin. I don't even have to worry about my pores, it just makes everything looks so soft focus and almost flawless. I got so many compliments from friends telling me how nice and envy with my healthy glow, well, now the secret reveal, this is the secret weapon. Surprise?

2. Luminous Flush
This color for me is more pink and the shimmer appear to be more golden than the others. The color actually looks just nice for an everyday makeup look. Unlike diffused heat, this color actually gives more of a golden sheen with a good color payoff -- a pink flush. I think it will be a great color to use on summer day. That golden sheen just looks so fabulous.

3. Incandescent Electra
As much as I like diffused heat very, very much, I actually really like this too. Mine has more highlighter than the peachy pink which actually makes me like it even more. Well, mine has more swirl of highlighter and I'm very picky when it comes to highlighter because the whole face texture just doesn't look great with anything that emphasize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Despite that, this cool peachy pink blush create the most soft focus and effortless healthy glow in my everyday makeup look. Trust me, you can't go wrong with anything like this especially with a product that is so finely milled and well combined. It gives me a glow that looks so nice and almost comes from within. Although this works more like a highlighter kind of blush and transfer more sheen rather than the color, it is still looking very pretty by its own uniqueness. Definitely going to pick up a full size.

4. Mood Exposure
I know a lot of people rave about this shade, but for me this is more like a winter/fall type of blush, it looks a bit dark on my skin, more like a brown+plummy shade and for most of the time, I prefer to use it as eye shadow rather than a blush. At different lightning angle, this blush sometimes looks like a rusty red. When use it as a blush, I'll make sure I use it very light handed or best with stippling motion, consider how fair/light my skin tone is, the more I use, the heavier the look will be. Thus,  I consider this will best suit people with a warmer and darker skin tone. But good thing, it is very versatile, it makes a good pop of color as an eye shadow.

Overall, all Hourglass blushes had a soft, smooth texture that wasn’t too powdery and blends effortlessly on the skin. Personally I think most of the color coverage seemed true-to-pan, and could be built up in thin layers or applied more intensely depends on personal preferences. What really caught me in is the nice effect left on my cheeks whereby I didn’t see any visible sparkle that will emphasize the size of my pores. All I have seen on my skin is a satiny sheen that gave a glow and sheen that look so flattering. All of  the color wore well throughout the day and I only start seeing decline in intensity after wearing it for almost 8 hours. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes have a very soft, finely-milled feel that’s silky and a little powdery in the pan, but look so flawless and effortlessly on skin. Compare with other blushes, this blush certainly gives my cheek looks more dimensional and plump. All I can say to round up today's post is : the quality is amazing, definitely worth to invest and collect. I think these reasons are probably why all makeup collectors, beauty guru raved and went crazy about it.

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