All I Have Been Using Are These Drugstore Brushes

Brushes... I think this year I'm really into brushes because most of my makeup palette doesn't come with brushes and sometimes, I'm the one who didn't like the brushes attached with the palette.
Since I'm just started with brushes, I've no intention to start of with any highly recommended brushes or any brands. So, I ordered a set of studio brush from E.L.F which is way more cheaper than any branded brushes in the market, then I started to have some other brushes from drugstore brand, seriously, I think they work just nice, nothing much to say but thumbs up.

Here's are the brushes which I'm using probably daily and these are probably my favourites and my most used brushes. Please don't quote me because I'm not a makeup artist that know what brush should use for this and that, I just use any brushes that works on me and the products.

 1. Real Technique Contour Brush
I really like this, very soft and dense, I normally use it for my foundation and blushes. Yes, I don't use it as contour brush, I'm not a person who must contour my face everyday and till today, I'm still someone who just simply put on my makeup without contour. When it comes to brush cleansing, thank God, no shedding or whatsoever, it just maintain the same. The only thing I want to emphasize is, it is really good for blending in products, everything works just nice and evenly without any patchy spot.

 2. E.L.F Small Angled Brush
This is my must have daily brush, I only use this for my brows. It picks up quite a good amount of brow powder and works really well. Because it is an angled brush, it makes my filling brows process hassle free. Besides, I also recommend this to use as an eye liner brush. Dip it into any color you like and gently swipe across the lash line, it can create a very nice and almost precise cat eye wink.

 3. E.L.F Blush Brush
My favourite blush brush, very soft and good quality. It picks up just the right amount of blushes. You can either pat in the blush or swipe the blush onto the cheeks area. I also like the size of the brush, the size sits just nice, the right size for my cheeks so no worry if the blush was applied all over the face. I prefer to use the patting motion as I feel the blushes stay on longer and the intensity is just perfect. Unlike some brushes pick way too much products and leaving your cheek look like a monkey butt.. Not nice at all, blah~
I have 3-4 of this brush which I think I'm really crazy with this brush.

 4. E.L.F Kabuki Brush
Best kabuki brush, perfect for face powder or loose powder. When I'm in the mood of sheer makeup look, I like to use this to set my foundation, gives a really nice, translucent kind of look to the skin. Normally, I pair it with Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder for a natural look or budget friendly look. It is big which makes the whole setting process really quick. It is very fluffy and soft too.

 5. EcoTools Brush
Another brushes that I like is this EcoTools brush, very soft, I would only use this with my face powder or any other MAC Beauty Powder for a really nice, soft focus look. Compare with the E.L.F Kabuki Brush, this brush actually pick up more product, so my opinion is best to be used with powder foundation or just lightly swipe across the pan and gently apply onto skin, a heavy hand might cause the whole base makeup look a bit overwhelming and cakey.

 6. E.L.F Fan Brush
I'm not sure if this brush will have a place in everyone's heart. For me, yes because when I'm 1st started to use a blush, you know, I'm so timid with the color because I really don't what my cheeks to look like a chimpanzee's butt, too red and too, well, just not nice! With this fan brush, it actually change my nightmare towards blushes. It picks up just the right amount and whether you use it light handed or heavy handed, the risk of having animal's butt on your face has been drastically reduced. It works really well with highlighter too, I highly recommend this for a blush /highlighter beginner.

 7. EcoTools Small Kabuki Brush
I normally like to carry this around because of the cute size and it works really good. I use it for my face powder and blushes. I like to hold at the middle of the brush whereby I actually squeeze all the entire brush making it more compact and dense, than dab it onto my Hourglass Blushes and draw little circle on my cheek, it really, really works. I think it gives me a really nice flush of color when I use this as a blush brush. It actually helps my blushes to be very precise on the right spot. Or, sometimes, I just use it as blending brush, just to blend in everything, ensure no harsh lines between cheeks and face, jaws and etc.

 8. E.L.F Powder Brush
Nothing special, just my everyday powder brush. Please not to use in stippling motion as I feel it itched my skin, a gently swipe will do. Good to use with face powder, pressed/loose powder

Overall, I suggest beginners to start with drugstore brand brushes instead jump straight into designer brand. Designer brushes might be good and most of us don't even query about the quality but please remember a good designer brush normally have a steeper price tag compare with drugstore brand. However, if there are brushes that worth the price you pay, go for it, it isn't easy to find a good makeup brushes.
Just my advice, good brushes aren't always must be expensive, some can also be found from drugstore brand. Cheap brushes aren't always the best but most of the time, they are more affordable and more accessible for people who are on budgeting.

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