A Short Review on Recent Skincare Samples & Full Size

I've never get bored when it comes to experiment skincare but sometimes things can get over bored. When the item is suitable on my skin, it works wonderful and vice versa. So, most of the time before I committed to any full size skincare, I would prefer to try out samples and read more reviews about it. As for full size items, I just bought it because of curiosity and if it doesn't work well, is either to pass it or strive hard to finish it.

1. CellAct Stimulating Gel Face Mask
I would not recommend this for those with super sensitive skin, it is more like a chemical peel but in a more gentle way. Just apply all over on clean dry skin, leave it for 10-20mins, gently rub the face until eraser dust like thing come off from the face. I do experience mild tingling sensation and my face turn red at certain part. Then, rinse off with water. The effect is good as it keeps the skin clear and soft but it can be drying if you didn't layer with enough hydrating skincare. It leans more on the pricey side so I would say it is not a must try item.

2. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream
This stuff is good as night cream. I've been tested it for quite sometimes at would love to give it a thumbs up. Sleeping in air-conditioning room without a proper moisturizer is disaster. After applied it over night, my skin still feels soft and hydrated, no oily residue, no shiny face in the next morning. Well, it doesn't break my skin nor clog my pores, everything is just nice and fine. Worth to give it a go if you're looking for a mid price night cream. In case you have a drier skin, you might fine this a tad bit light but for my current dry to combination skin, it works just nice.

3. Kiehl's Eye Alert
Waking up in the morning with puffy eye? Oh great, it just doesn't look nice. Kiehl's Eye Alert comes in gel texture and apply nicely around the eye area. It keeps the eyes feels rejuvenates but do not expect this to hide your wrinkles/crow feet. Is good to be used during the day as it is very like and comfortable. It helps a bit on the puffy eye but for long term use, I think it still need a longer time to test it out. After all, mine is just samples size.

4. Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum
I prefer to use this during the night time as the consistency is more like a water-gel, not too thick but too much of it will definitely leave the eyes area feel sticky. I enjoy looking at the serum a lot, very nice shimmery milky color. Ha! Not too much scent it feels really nice and hydrated. Then, I will follow up with my eye cream on top of it. This is just my first impression.

5. Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel
Black gel with gold shimmer, so pretty. I will only recommend this for those with oily and combination skin. It has a very nice scent and cooling effect. I like to use this during the day or hit to the gym. Not too heavy and the hydration level is just nice for people with oily to combination skin. Other than that, it comes with air tight pump that will ensure all the product being used up. Similar pump like the Kate Somervilles moisturizer.

6. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Best natural antibacterial oil. Dries my acne and promotes wound healing. 1drop will go a long way, so beware. It will feel tingling/prickling if you put on wound. Not to use too much or directly all over the face as it can be too drying.

7. L&S Cell Recovery System
Just a regular eye mask. It feels nice and refreshing but doesn't really help much on wrinkles which actually make me doubt if it should name it as Cell Recovery. I got this from Korea awhile back, just a very basic and normal eye mask, nothing much result to expect.

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