The Recent Damage: Kose Member 5X points sale

I know I just upload a blog post regarding the terrible buying habit and now here I start the day with a blog post regarding my recent wallet damage post. Oh my * eyes rolling*

I noticed my skincare has running low and almost only pump out air instead of skincare products, so when there's a 5x member sale I immediately called my nearest store and as them when can I start buying things, so the lovely lady send me some details and I damaged my wallet.

I bought cleansing oil, clarifying essence, clear force and an eye cream. Oh dear, I'm not sure because of the weather/haze or my intense workout session, I have developed these little bumps on my body and they are just the most stubborn monster I've ever come across. I've tried so many things to get rid of them all doesn't seems to work at all. The SA recommended to try the Junkisui Pure Body Wash to combat body acne, I can't wait to try it and do a blog post about it. The eye cream seems to be a must for me right now, few weeks ago when I have my facial done, the beautician was shocked how serious my under eye has become. It is dry and some wrinkle (not the major one) but it has started to show early sign of ageing *sob*. This will be reviewed as well. I've been lacked of sleep lately.
As for the rest, I've tried it and decided to go for full size and replenished of stock that has finished.

Oh, before I end this post I think this Independence Day sale was wonderful, I got a set of travel size skincare, pouch, mirror and because I'm on of the 10 early birds I received a small bottle of Sekkisei toner and a power bank (Sekkisei bottle).

Have a great weekend!

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