The Weekly Blog #1

Greetings everyone. I thought to share some happy moments I had last week, it was really fun and an enjoyable one. I snapped quite a lot pictures on flowers because hubby and I actually visited to a flower/garden shop where we bought some soils, pots and flowers and some vegetables seeds for his granny to be planted at her home. I have been thinking to get some pots and ready mixed soil for myself too.
Another exciting news is my avocado seed started to show its root and I'm over the moon because I've been trying to plant avocado for months. Really can't wait to see some leaves coming out... weee~

Also, last week the Curves gym that I joined had done an open day, I was in-charged to do blood test (glucose test) and blood pressure test for the members, I'm glad that people these days started to alert about their health and trying to have a healthy lifestyle. We have potluck as well, those aunties are such a great cook, oh dear, they cooked so nice and the food were delicious! See, even the cup cakes look so pretty and mouth-watering. Well, treating yourself a little bit of sweet stuff once a while is alright, just don't go over board.

I've read the Get The Glow cookbook by Madeleine Shaw, I highly recommend this book, it is good and most of the recipe are quite easy to cook, nothing too difficult for a beginner. Since I don't have smoked paprika I sort of alternate the marinate ingredients for my pan fry salmon, surprisingly it turned out quite nice, my hubby like it! I used to bake my salmon and this baby step of trying pan fry salmon is sooooo easy! Also, I've tried out some small japanese cucumber, it was so crunchy and delicious. Oh, one more thing, I finally ate my long waited fruits -- passion fruit, it taste a bit sour but then, it contents high vitamin C which is good to boost our immune system and also for our skin.

Last weekend I got to visit my parents and my hometown, oh, mom's cook a lot of food for me and I'm so happy to visit them every month. Although it was only a 2days trip, it meant so much for me, spending time with family members is always so sweet and warm. I hope this week will be nice as well.

Have a nice day~

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