Does the Currency Exchange Rate Affected Your Beauty Purchase?

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Hello shopaholic... I admit I am, and this whole economy trend doesn't seems to be helpful at all especially for those country with weaker currency. Please take note this post is just meant for discussion purposes and I'm not an economist.

I've noticed since our MYR has dropped drastically it has certainly leaving a huge impact for all those who love to shop whether is beauty/ household/ foods and etc. It has really burden our wallet and soon without a proper control it will definitely brake our wallet and even our bank savings.

So, today I'm going to share about my thoughts of how the exchange rate has affected my beauty purchase. Those days when our exchange rate is between 1USD = MYR3.1-3.3 we are still able to shop online, browsing cosmetics that has newly launched or being raved by beauty gurus all over the social media and immediately we can make up our mind to buy or not to buy. Correct?
For me it is a yes, I can decide what I want and then go trough reviews and place my order few days later on.  But now, things have changed. Why?

For example, 1USD= MYR 4.23 (based on today's rate), the difference is huge and it is a lot! It is no longer a state where you can buy whatever you want without think twice. I've noticed the exchange rate has significantly affected the consumer purchasing power whether is online or directly in the store. The questions marks always pop up in my mind each time I wanted to make a purchase and as a consumer I will always look for the best deal before I make any purchase by hitting the BUY button. Pinch money!!!

Let's be frank, eg: if your income is less than 5K and you have a family that rely on you, do you think you would want to spend money on those unnecessary things? For me, other than buying my skincare, I don't think I've bought any makeup items for the past few months. All I would willing to spend is on food and my basic necessities. The thought of getting extra backup and try out more new beauty items such as makeup and skincare have seriously been removed from my mind unless there is a really good sales. The exchange rate also drive me nuts because there are so many newly launch items that I wanted to try out so badly.

Solutions? Is there any solution? At this point I don't see any because it does take times for our economy to boost back to its original. My suggestion is, try to save as much as possible and only purchase those you think is worth to keep if you have this " Oh man, I must own it " issue. We can't help much because our economy is indeed in its worst situation. And please try to be as rational as possible.

At this point I will say let's just be positive, we still have plenty of cosmetics to use:
1. we are not spider lady with so many eyes that need that much of eyeshadow
2. we are not centipedes (not sure if they have nails)  so many legs that need too much of shoes
3. we only have lips that need just a few lipstick
4. we only have a pair of ears that doesn't need that much of jewelries 
5. we only have one face that need just a few face powder/ foundations/highligher/blusher

Please not to think so because at some point and certain stage.... all shopaholic holds a list with tons of items like a never ending list....... because lady, since when there is a full stop on our shopping list?! True? After all, everyone has their right to spend money just be careful on what you spend on and not to go overboard.

Overall, for me I will just accept the fact and stay away from the purchase bandwagon until the launch of holiday items. Then, I shall decide what will be listed in my shopping list. Always have a clear mind to only purchase things that you need and worth to be kept as part of your lovely makeup collections. A lot of the items are not a necessities but simply a splurge to fulfill the thirst of our bad habit. I have to say and agree exchange rate has affected my purchasing power and I'm working on it and I do discovered a lot of my oldies but goodies makeup products.

Just bear in mind : Moderation is the key.

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