Every Girls Need Perfumes!

Hello everyone, basically the photo itself reveals today post. Well, I'm not a massive fans of perfumes but then I do own a few number of it. Everyone whether you're male or female, we just need some little scent lingering around us, make us feel special and unique. For me scent is very personal, it might be ''wow'' and it might just be ''blah'', so just have fun searching the scents that you like and special for you.

I like floral scented perfume, little bit of musk but most important it must be fresh and not too overwhelming.
I'm not someone who enjoy strong, heavy masculine scent because they are are just too strong to me which either give me bad headache or sneezing the entire day. Personally, I don't really collect perfumes because it is hard to get hooked or falling in love with certain scents. In my case, I keep and use them mainly because it reminds me of my happy oversea trips with hubby, memories, special occasions use, family and... you know is good to smell good rather than smell like a rotten egg.

1. Chloe Eau De Parfum - I didn't buy this when I first smell it at the airport because I was rushing catching my plane, but the scent lingered around my clothing and jackets keeping me feel nice. A year later, after I landed at the airport, I immediately rushed to the duty free shop and bought one, the scent is so nice and fresh. It lasts for almost a week on my dirty laundry. lol, and the laundry is still smelling nice. Shhh... also, the scent reminds me the trip (honeymoon) to a beautiful snow mountain with my husband. It is a mild floral with a sweet hint of honey scent. Try it, it is so chic and classic!

2. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste - This was a gift from my dad and you know it always mean so much for a little girl. The scent is muskier, heavier with a little bit of sexiness. Oh dear, it is so hard to describe, just sniff it when you're at the counter. Hehe... for me this is more like a special occasion perfume such as date, dinner or gala.

3. Chloe Love Story - This is another nice scented perfume from Chloe. I think I do have a soft spot for Chloe's perfume, they are all very well blended, fresh and really wearable. Compare this scent to the original EDT, this has more of a woody tone in it. It starts with a very delicate soft floral scent then dry down to a woody tone, for me it isn't too strong so it is still appropriate for day time use. However, I do find the scent isn't really long lasting as it fades away quite fast but the, you still able to detect a little hint of perfume linger around you're clothing/wrist, wherever you've applied.

4. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT - This is a Christmas gift from my hubby in year 2012, it was the 1st year I celebrated Christmas with his family members. I think everyone in the house were really happy receiving presents, after all I don't think they celebrate X'mas the way my family do. It has a very strong floral scent as starting note which I think reflects the spring seasons where flowers blooming and beautiful cherry blossom. I prefer to spritz in the air and walk through it (if that make sense), so the scent will not be too overpowering. I do think it smells better after the scent settle down for about 20mins or so as I think the 1st spritz direct onto clothing is very strong and sharp. It is a budget friendly EDT that last probably around 4-5hours for me, so still have to spritz on some if needed.

5. Avon Scent Essence # Sparkly Citrus - Well, the most budget friendly EDT I've ever used. I think I bought this for about MYR 13 during the sale. It really reminds me The Body Shop EDT in Sparkling Apple which was LE, not quite sure if it is still selling at the outlet. Avon scent essence if lighter but still has that really fresh citrus scent  whereas TBS one has more of a muskier scent it it. Both last for about 4hours not really long lasting actually. Anyway, it is easy to pair with any day activities whether you're outdoor, indoor it just works.

That's all for my little collection of perfumes, it is small but I hope it wouldn't grow any larger than 10. Please feel free to share you favourite perfumes in the comment box below.

Have a wonderful weekend

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