Move It Monday : Be Blessed

 Good day... is Monday again and this time I thought to start a short series for every Monday for the month of September. I try to keep it short and simple but most important is some of these are very inspired in my day to day life.

I know, when the weekends left we all will craw into our bed thinking what would it be for the next day. For those who work in a higher position in the company ,those who left the last Friday with lots of pending stuff to be settled, students who have deadline for assignments/exams and etc, thinking about the arrival of Monday is torturing and stressful.

So, a better way to kick start the monstrous Monday is be blessed just like the meaningful picture in this post. The more you lean to the negative side the worst it will be and it doesn't help anything at all. You will end up with problems, issues with customers, colleagues and all those unhappy things. Now, think hard why you choose to be like that?

Be grateful and blessed that we are living in a peaceful condition with no war going on around us and we are not refugees running away from country looking for shelters. Focus on the happy things around us, we are blessed enough to have our loves one who love and care about us unconditionally.

Whenever you are stressed out, think about the sweet fruits that will be harvested later on. Is better to strive now and relax later. Stop focusing on all those problems and indirectly our brain, the more you worry about it the bigger the problems will be emphasized and enlarged. Just relax, is just Monday not the end of the world, don't push yourself too hard. Follow the flow and try to make the best of it.

 Lastly, we should be very thankful and feel blessed when we're able to wake up this Monday. Many of them in poor country might not have the chance to enjoy or experience what we have right now. Having a positive mind and positive vibes will definitely enlighten the Monday's blue mood.

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