Beware, We're Under Attack by Haze! & Top 5 Health Tips

(photo adapted from The Star)

It seems to be a very common phenomena in Malaysia where we will be attacked by haze every year from the uncontrollable forest burning in Sumatera, Indonesia. I seriously think this is a very unhealthy trend and till now, there isn't any prevention steps to avoid this haze issue.

I remember when I was a kid, my country didn't have too much issue of haze and even there are it doesn't create such huge impact towards our daily lives. Years after that, haze has become more and more serious, it not only affects the flight schedule, outdoor activities, health but it has become an every year trend whereby school are forced to close due to the dangerous API level.

The haze has started about 2 weeks ago and my throat started to get irritated, same thing happen to my respiratory system. I actually suffered rhinitis every morning and night especially when the haze getting thicker and I got so confused whether I am sick or just having allergy because it was so bad. I sneezed every morning and got nose blocked once I woke up, it just not nice and uncomfortable. Things get better after awhile but the good things always wouldn't last long. 

Today, I think I feel so much better probably because I keep myself active and delivered a proper vitamin to my body. 

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Be active - workout indoor instead of outdoor, eg: indoor gym/indoor swimming pool. I'm a gym maniac, so attending indoor classes definitely benefits me a lot. I didn't suffer any breathing issue when I workout at indoor.

2. Drink extra water - drink more water than usual, when you are more hydrated the sore throat issue can be prevented

3. Consume Vitamin C - consume fresh fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemons, passion fruits, these high vitamin C fruits will not only quenches your thirst but it helps to strengthen the firewall of the entire body aka immune system. If you're having difficulties reaching the fruits, then opt for vitamin C tablets or soluble version. For adult go for 1000mg vitamin C, for children go for 100-300mg per day, please consume after meal.

4. Rest - rest is another good way to prevent diseases, why? When we've enough rest, ample sleep,  our immune system is actually stronger. So, a strong solid wall can help in preventing sickness.

5. Mask - always wear a mask, I recommend to have a 3 ply mask when you're on any outdoor activities whether just going out for lunch/ taking bus back home or pick up some rubbish at your backyard. Wearing a mask will filter those unnecessary chemical particles in the air which might have a long term side effects towards our health.

Before I end my post, HERE is another link regarding haze precautions and skincare tips for haze pollution, check it out if you are interested. I hope my 5 tips will be helpful for those who are living in a country facing the same pollution issue like I do. Be safe and stay healthy!

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