Favourites of The Month: August 2015

Over the past month I know I've been slacking on my blog, so sorry for that I'm currently trying my best to back on blogging track, hopefully this month will be more blog posts. (finger crossed)

August has been great but at the same time is a very busy and hectic month. I tried to upload this post for days and I just couldn't help myself and fainted on my bed straight away done all my skincare regime. Yeah, I'm tired and exhausted, physically and mentally.

Without further rambling.... here we go:

1. Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cleansing Souffle
It took me over 6months to hit the pan, oh boy, 500ml and it certainly last me a loooong... way. What I really enjoying using this is because it is super gentle, and still cleanse the entire face very nicely. My hubby also claimed that his skin feels really comfortable after shower (obviously, he must be curious with my cleanser). Highly recommend for those who have sensitive skin like I do.

2. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
Ok, I can't remember the exact year I got it, but I recently re-discovered it and it still work pretty well. It has 15shades, all very smooth, creamy, buttery with great pigmentation. I use it almost every single day. Some of the shades might look very bright in the actual palette but a soft wash of color still can be achieve if use on a light hand. Overall, is an oldie but a goodie!

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve
Long story short talk, it is wonderful, it heals my chapped lips OVERNIGHT! not only for lips, any dry patches/cuticles/heels, name it, it just can use all over the body. Ahem... obviously I will use a cotton tips to scoop out some of the product if I'm really mean to put on my heels.

4. NYX Round Lipstick # Tea Rose
Great pigmentation, glides on like a dream, the lipstick itself is quite opaque so it gives me a thought of a matte lipstick, but a softer version. Great for everyday use and looks very feminine too.

5. Shu Uemura Tsuya Lotion I
For me, I think it is more like a cleansing lotion, not meant for hydration nor whitening. I poured it onto cotton sheets and gosh, so many dirt appeared on the cotton sheets. It truly cleanse my skin even though it is just a toner. Just a short note, do not pour too much on the cotton pads else it will leave a sticky hint afterwards. Great to be used as a cleansing toner.

6. Skin Aqua Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++
Seriously, I'm very picky with my sunscreen, I only use Cellnique sunscreen or Kose gel sunscreen. Few months a go, I got it from my sister-in-law because her shop got extra tester, so I thought since is free, why not I give it a try after all the economy is pretty bad right now. Please note,  I'm always a cream/gel sunscreen person, I never like nor enjoy using any sort of liquid sunscreen because it feels heavy on my skin and always feels uncomfortable. After tried this, I thought I would say it is a good one, not the one that wow me, but at least my skin feel nice, smooth and shine free. I would shake well before pour it onto my palm, rub it and put onto my face and I always have 2 layers. If you're looking for an affordable sunscreen and have sort of sensitive skin, give this a try, perhaps you'll like it. Well, for me, I think it is a good drugstore sunscreen that I can use at this moment.

7. Kose Clarifying Essence
I use this in day and night after cleansing my face, it is pretty watery but works wonderful. For me, it removes all the dead skin cells on my face and prepare the entire face for the next skincare items. It helps the other products to absorb better and making the skin more translucent. I have just bought a backup in my recently Kose 5x points sale.

8. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask
It is a 2 in 1 mask, it contains beads that work as face scrub and kaolin mud as a medium to suck out all the impurities inside your pores. Firstly, cleanse your face and make sure the face is semi dry, not too wet, squeeze out the require amount and apply all over the face, scrub and leave it till dry, then rinse of. Oh dear, my skin feels super smooth and silky. Like all deep cleansing mask, always remember to follow up with a hydrating mask and a face cream. Then, look into the mirror the next morning, your skin will look amazing.

9. Kose Clear Whitening Mask
I think this is probably the best peel off mask I've come across so far, really sink deep into your pores and pull out all the gunk and even facial hair. Haha...each time I used it, my skin looks clearer, brighter and breathable. I am so in love with this item. I'm not suse ig this year Kose will still come out with this LE size 145g (usual size 80g) but grab one if you can, it works really, really good!

10. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara # Very Black
This is my 2nd tube, since ever I saw it was used by Raeviewer in one of  tutorial using drugstore items, I immediately as her opinions on what she thinks about this mascara and since then I was hooked by it. It isn't available in Malaysia, so always I need to order and get it shipped from US.
It holds curls and last more than 8hours. I would say it is more like a clean effect mascara, giving you a nice, clean eye look.

11. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil
What more I should say? Amazing set with lots of colored eye pencil, good thing it doesn't smudge on me and because of the how colorful it is, I can actually just rock with the eye liner without having any eyeshadow or a sheer wash of eyeshadow.

So, I hope you all enjoy reading my long almost review like of monthly favourites. Please share if you have any great products recommendation, I would love to give them a try~

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