Review: Kose Infinity Refining Massage Cream

Hello. The weather has been really extreme these days, is either rain all day long or being sunny, burning my skin all day. I'm really glad to share about my wonderful experience using this massage cream in this post.


I've been using this for months and honestly it lasts me really long because the jar is still quite full and seems barely touched/used.
Normally I cleanse my face, follow up with a deep cleansing mask (Kose SEKKISEI Clear whitening peel off mask - amazing!) then top up with this massage cream and viola! It always makes my skin softer and bouncier, this is a fact that I noticed and it will never change.
It comes with a thick cream, I will scoop a dollop of cream, warm it up between my palms and massage the entire face, the scent is very mild and soothing. When it warms up, the cream will turn into oil like consistency, not worry it will not make skin becomes more oilier, instead it nourished it nicely.
I like to massage my cheeks and forehead and when the cream touches my skin, OH MY... it feels so luxury and so pampering. I like to massage for about 10-20mins, really depends on my mood and how sleepy I am to rush into bed. Then, add some water and gently massage again, and slowly rinse off with water. I suggest to use a cloth because it makes the removing part so much faster and easier.
Later on, follow the rest of my skincare routine. I'm really amaze how well it works on my skin, it never fails me because it just makes my skin feels, looks so much better the next morning as if I've had an expensive facial treatment.
It is a weekly treat for me, and it seems to be a must for me after the peel off mask, definitely hydrates and nourishes my skin. Sometimes, I bring it together with me for a quick hand facial at the Kose facial counter, it feels so, so good.

Price: RM242.70 (include GST)

I highly recommend this product especially for those who are in their mid 20s and want to try some anti-aging products, off course people who have more mature skin are recommend to try this too. It is such an amazing and wonderful massage cream, not oily at all. 1 jar definitely able to last more than 6months, it all depends how much and how frequent you use it.

Give it a try, I'm sure you will like it!

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