Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact 07 Fringe Flower

Aww, who can resist Jill Stuart cosmetics? My heart melts each time I bumped into their makeup line, so classy and elegant.

My cousin sister helped me bought this baby few month ago when she came back for her engagement, so I asked her to help me grab this before she headed back. I have Jill Stuart Jelly eyes which are so glittery and bouncy and... oh, too many words to describe how much I adore them.

I've never own any JS blush simply because it isn't available in my country and since our MYR dropped like crazy, I really not in the mood to spend so much money on something that hardly to access.

If I'm not mistaken this is the newly release from spring 2015. JS products always come with its unique feminine fragrance that capture my heart. It isn't a matte blush, more like a satin with some fine shimmer blush. I like how compact it is and you can get assorted shades from a single blush palette. The blush comes with plastic packaging (sadly), but it is what makes the whole thing so light and easy to travel.
Another plus point, the blush also comes with a brush, which is super soft and I'm pretty sure it is goats fur. It feels so soft but at the same time it has that goats odour. haha! The brush head can be adjusted according to your preferences, what makes the blush so pricey (my point of view) is the brand itself, quality and the swarovski decor.
All it all, I'm happy with my purchase if not because of our poor currency, I think I might grab another few more blushes. They are just so lovely whether to use or to collect.

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