Review: Milani Liquid Eye Liner Pencil

I know, I know... I'm so late for the hype but the Milana Liquid Eye liner pencil is amazing.
Since it has been in the market for some times, I'm not going to talk a lot like an old nanny, blabbering non stop.

Straight forward, the texture is so creamy, an it feels buttery soft and smooth. Sometimes eyeliner can be a little bit torturing when it becomes hard and scratchy, the eyelid hurts a lot.
I got black and brown eye liner pencil and honestly, I'm not a huge fan with pencil liner, liquid nor gel liner. I just use whatever I have and if I couldn't find one, it is alright, not a big deal, after all I still can leave my house without any of them.

I'm really happy with my purchase because it is so affordable and works nicely. It lasts almost 6-8hours on my eyelids (quite oily at certain time). It stays on for a real good time and it doesn't smudge.

However, since it is so creamy, it is quite hard to do a perfect cat eyes/ any wink at the end of the eye. The products melts (buttery smooth) once it contacts with my body heat, so I do have to use a little eye liner brush to tidy the eyeliner look (for a real cat eye look), but nonetheless, it is a great product.
No problem for a quick liner just glides on like a dream.

Last but not least, it is a great product and I will definitely repurchase it. Personally I prefer brown as the pigmentation is really intense, for a day to day look, I prefer the brown color more than black.

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