2012 Look Back + Favourites

Hey guys, happy new year, wish everyone have a prosperous new year.  2013 is definitely a challenging year for me with lots of surprises, hard works and loves.
I'll start my blog post with some flash back, then go to the favourites for 2012.

2012 Look Back: 

Getting less time to blog and previous working life is way to hectic for me to handle

Knowing that grandpa is sick and need to use steroid every 2-3months to control the cancer
Suddenly I felt live is so short and we have to appreciate and cherish every moment we can with
our family, friends and love one

My boyfriend came to propose with a diamond ring and bunch of red roses. What a pleasant surprise!

Got bonus and increment from my ex company. Both dad and mom got rewarded from me.
I've some for saving too

After the Labor day, I submitted my resignation letter. I had to farewell with my colleagues, all sort of feeling came across. From how much I want the job from the beginning and how much I want to get rid of it. I have about 3-4 days rest at home and start a new job

Hubby fetched me to his hometown and I'm now working in pharmacy shops with hubby

Struggling with all medications prescription because I don't know at all.
I felt the worst part in my entire carrier path. My mental suddenly became so fragile. 
I'm still didn't able to find spare time for blogging. I got no friends at all at my new place
You know, sometimes you need a friend to talk to more than you need your lover

Finally I got to meet with my ex-colleagues and we went to Bangkok
Started to drive in 6-7am back to my hometown. I miss my parents so much.
I became more independent and honestly my driving skills had improved so much
Hiking with my mother-in-law, wow....

Knowing my sister-in-law is pregnant, excited to see the baby and I can play with the baby
She introduced me the fun in bakery and teach me some basic bakery skills. I found  new hobbies

Started to understand better on medication/sickness symptoms
Hubby decided to bring me for vacation which was also agreed by both in laws
Birthday celebration with mom, I felt very happy

Vacation in Shanghai, probably the best and funniest I've ever joined so far.
I got myself a lavender pearl bracelet

The Christmas celebration, I got lots of presents and dinner with hubby
Started to blog more often, work has been smoother than before.


- Cellnique Bio Renewal Mask
- Cellnique Soothing and Hydrating Lotion
- Daiso High Quality Puff (Facial cotton)
- Laneige Sleeping Mask
- My Beauty Dairies Apple Polyphenol sheet masks
- Smith's Rosebud Salve
- Shu eumura Cleansing oil (Green)

- Naruko BB cream
- MAC Summer Rose beauty powder
- Maybelline Define A Lash Lengthening mascara
- Benetinit
- Stila Illuminating Powder (10 watts)
- Urban decay 15 anniversary palettes & eyeliner set

- Bakery
- Yoga
- Watching bakery videos

- Carrot cake
- Cinnamon bun

- roses on my table from hubby
- hubby bring me to vacation

Last but not least, I wish everyone has a great 2013 with joys and loves.


  1. happy new year and congrats on your engagement!!

  2. wow, thank you for sharing this personal update. I am happy you blog more oftenly and if you feel like it, please share. I'm so happy you got engaged but the changes in your life last year seem a lot! The change of workplace, the handling with your medicines, your sister-in-law being pregnant. Good luck for 2013 and keep us updated
    ♥ from Birkie

  3. that's a very fulfilling and rewarding year for you my dear! :) glad to hear you're living a happy (and engaged) life! I personally hope 2013 will be a better year!


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