Review: Clinelle UV Defense SPF28 (White)

Hello..... Sunny days make me happy...but not to forget application of sunscreen is utmost important.
I've been using the Cellnique sunscreen SPF 30 on and off but it between I replace it with the Clinelle sunscreen. I got it from pharmacy and after reading all the ingredients and product details I finally decided to invest some pennies for it.

Some product details, the pictures tell everything about it.

Since my skin has acting bad, I always take more precautions than ever before using or trying anything onto my face. Although it only has SPF28, I'm glad enough with how it makes my skin feel. I did feel a mild tingling sensation on my face, but I supposed it is alright. I didn't see any redness, instead I found it reduce redness and reduce acne breakout. The texture is light enough, I feel my skin is breathable each time I'm have it on. Sometimes, I just use it on its own without apply any base makeup.
I feel it makes my skin glow =]

Next for the packaging.....

It comes in tube form. No pump, just squeeze and you'll get the product. The sunscreen slightly watery, I like the texture, very easy to use and apply. Blends into skin nicely and no balling up after the next application. I found that some sunscreen balls up you foundation which is sucks and I absolutely hate it. I feel it does brightens up my whole complexion without causing any skin allergies. As for price, depends on the shop/pharmacy/ drugstore that you visit, price range around RM50-70, for the amount 50ml, it can last at least 1.5monts.

Overall, I happy with it and will definitely repurchase it. Have you try it? What are the sunscreen you have tried? Do share.... is midof the week now aka Wednesday.... Happy!

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  1. I like this idea that it prevents blackheads for a sunscreen (it sometimes causes them). And good to hear there is no balling up, I dislike that too. Now, how to get this over here


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