Weight Loss: Admit that I Just Break the Rules Last Month

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Oh my, I fell of the wagon. I'm getting bigger which I shouldn't. I've not behave myself last month.

Last February was indeed a FATTY February. I admit it. I constantly give myself excuses that it is a short month, is a festive month and I can eat whatever I want. And then when I stepped on my weighing scale.....wah...everything shows clearly on the weigh scale with digits. I know, it is useless to sob about what I've done to myself. I'm bravely admit that I've gained weight. The whole dieting progress goes on very well on January and I shedded of about 4kg which is a lot for me.

You might wondering how come? Here's the story of the misbehave me,  I ate like a monster but I didn't take sweets (excuses). Anyway the main foods that I put on about 1-2kg are rice, oily food and also BAD HABIT = supper. I was lacked of motivation last month and got tempted too easily and worse I gave myself too much excuses that sounds very reasonable. I ate without thinking the calories and then boom! I'm disappointed with what I've done and this month I will work harder to shed of those fats!

However, I'm glad that I'm still aware about my weight loss program and still have that weight loss alert planted deep in my brain. I feel terrible with my uncontrollable food choice and eating habit. This month, I will motivate myself more and strive to the max. I think is good to admit my mistake and I do believe everyone has similar incident like I do.

This month, I will watch out with those fatty food and welcoming all the good, healthy, nutritious foods that I used to have. Let's see my updates again by the end of March... keep finger crossed it will be a good one then

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