Review: Naruko Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

Hello.... it has been a week that my home didn't have internet connection, the cable was stolen and it took 1 week time for the telecommunication technician to get it done.... oh well, I'm glad it is alright now and wohooo... I'm back to blog again!

Recent weather is terrible, I'm happy that we have had heavy rain poured down from the sky these 3 days after a long, long, hazy, hot weeks. When the weather is bad, especially when it is hot and sunny as if the sun bite my skin, I will always, always opt for a hydrating mask. I truly believes that in skincare, you'll seldom get wrong with hydration. So, I bought the hydrating mask from Naruko, I have to say I'm absolutely amazed with the out come.

Without further ado, lets jump into my thoughts about it :-

I've tried several Naruko mask, they just never let me down, same as this. I love how the mask packed, the sheet mask itself is thin but not overly thin, hold on the essence quite well. After cleansing my face, I will place this onto my face, normally for Naruko sheet mask, I will leave it for 20-30mins, really depends on how wet and how fast the mask is actually.

I would like to emphasize on the hydrating side, it is truly, truly pump in water to my skin. It smells alright, didn't really notice any strong perfume scent. And because after the relaxed masking session, my skin feel bouncier and soothed. Red patches has been significantly reduced same things goes to some dry patches. After the skin is well hydrated, it is now giving a healthy glow from within. Other than that, the hydrating effects also lasted throughout the day without making my skin extra shiny with oil secretion and still keeping my pores small and tight!

I bought this from Watson, too bad it isn't selling in box, so I need to pick up a few piece to stock up.
Price: RM5.90, I do hope more Naruko masks are selling in box later on.

Overall, I like it very much even though it isn't a high-end brand skincare. Price wise & very wallet friendly! What to say more, its'quality assured!

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