Favourites Basic Makeup 2014

Hello everyone.... 2014 is probably the year which I focused mostly on basic makeup and I'm just really enjoy the simple look.

Well, not much to share but these are those I love and used the most. Without further ado, here's my short listed items:

1. EcoTool Powder Brush - very soft. Pick up product at the right amount. Cleanse easily, almost no fall out
2. Clinelle Face Powder #ivory - good for my everyday use, light to medium coverage. It set onto my skin nicely without being too cakey. Last for more than 8 hours without making my skin look oily.
3. IOPE BB cushion # N21- this one is great. Probably the best base makeup I've ever come across last year. Korean do really know how to design a great makeup product. It just so easy to use. I'm using N21 because I don't think I need high coverage and I'm just prefer to have a natural look. I would say it gives me a nice glow, more likely to have semi matte/ not too dewy finish. Sometimes, I only use it under my eyes just to hide the dark circles. It matches my skin tone perfectly too. Not to mention, this one smell really, really good. It comes with 1 refill, just pop up the old one and snap the refill in. I am so freaking in love with it.
P.S: the cushion can dry up easily, so I just wash my hands, flip it and it still working very well.
4. Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder # Diffused Heat - my best blushes for the year. The blush sit well on the skin, giving a nice glow. Even my mom got hooked in. For me, it is the best combination between a blusher and a highlighter. Since I got it, I've been using this every single day. I'm definitely going to check out more Hourglass products.
5. Anastasia Brow Wiz #Brunette - the high end brow thingy yet the thinnest eyebrow pen I've tried so far. It looks very natural. It has the best packaging, a brow product together with brush. And because if that, I can draw my brows nicely whether is thick or thin it still look great.
6. Za Ever Brows #Dark Brown. Nice, I think I've used 2 of this in the pass 4-5 months. Soft and nice color payoff. Is not as thin as the Anastasia brow wiz, but still it works well and easy to control. Budget friendly!
7. Cyber Color Automatic Brow Pen #08 Dark Brown .I have 4 backups of this in my drawer. Surprisingly it is cheaper than Za. I bought this at Sasa last month and really enjoy using it. It is not completely dark brown, I consider it as more like a ash brown but still look really nice. 
8. LipIce Sheer Color #Strawberry - everyday companion. Is a combination of lipbalm and lip color. It applies translucently and later on it will turn into a soft, lovely pink color. Plus it is strawberry scented.
9. Revlon Lipbutter #Berry Smoothie - natural looking lip product. It has some shimmer in it. It looks nice on my lips without being too overdone nor too glossy.Not sticky at all, most important my lips doesn't peel after using it. 
10. Tarte Eyeshadow Duo #Kalalau Trail - small enough to carry around. I can't recall when this came out. It was a Christmas gift from my secret santa few years back. Although it only has 2shades, I think it compliments each other really well. It is very versatile too. 
In case you are wondering the swatches. (my skin is dry) Left :heavy swatch, Right: lightly swatch. 
The golden shades look very settle on my lip, buttery soft and less fall out.
Dark brown shades can be used as liner / crease color/ smokey effect.
11. Smith's Rosebud Salve - great lip care product. I've been using it for years.
12. Majorlica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #GR604. It is a felt tip liquid eye liner. Is dark green with some shimmer but very settle. Black is just way too boring since I don't use too much eyeshadow.
13. Maybelline Define A-Lash Mascara Waterproof # Very Black - lengthening, not clumping. Easy to remove.

Overall, I'm very happy to share with you all on my favourites for 2014. I hope you all find some lovely treasure in it as I do. I go a little bit crazy with brow last year because a define brows makes me look better and more confident. Among of items mentioned, IOPE BB cushion, Anastasia brow wiz and Hourglass ambient lightening blusher are some highlighted products which I think deserve the hype among beauty bloggers, Youtubers and makeup artist. Before I hit my last full stop, I hope you all enjoy reading and thank you for all the supports throughout the year(s).

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