Review: The Body Shop Body Butter Beurre Corporel

Be gone dry skin! shoooo.....
Although I'm living in a tropical country, I do still experience dry skin around my hands, elbow, knee.... and it is not a good thing at all. I do drink water regularly but sometimes my skin just need some heavy duty cream, something rich yet non oily.

On last December 2013, MWW (My Womens' Weekly) magazine gave out a Body Shop body butter as a free gift, I picked up that magazine and tested the body butter.

Well, I know Body Shop has a variety of body butter with different scents to choose from. I have to say this 50ml last me awhile. I like the consistency, perfect for office use because it is so small and easy to carry around. The body butter is thick and melt only during application.

As for the scent of this one, I don't really like it as it smells like man perfume, yuck @.@ thank God the scent fades away quite fast, so not a big problem. It spreads on nicely, creamy on my skin without any oily residue leave behind. The body butter just sink into my skin, making my skin feel super happy. The dry skin gets hydrate and the body butter just serve like a savior. Other than that, a little goes a long, long way. See, I still have almost a full pot to go on.

Personally, I use it during night time, in office but not outdoor. It will definitely feel slightly greasy if used outdoor. I will consider this as a treat but don't think I will think twice before purchase as the price maybe a lil bit expensive when compared with drugstore lotion such as Vaseline/ Nivea which do almost the same job.
Vaseline has a lighter texture whereas Nivea normally tends to be a little bit oily.

I'm looking forward to try the other body butter from The Body Shop when there is sales. So far, I consider myself as a newbie towards The Body Shop products. I don't know much about this brand but whatever I've tried this far, I can assure one thing --- The Body Shop never fails me.

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