Review: Revlon Colorstay EyeBrow Liner # Dark Brown


I'm back and ready for another review from the drugstore brand. Since my brows have been trimmed few weeks ago, I noticed I'm no longer able to not putting on brow pencil before going out. By the way, I'm still very new to things like brow liner/crayon/pencil because most of the time, I'm using brow powder and well, I do think brow pencil works the best and easiest to handle with.

Start from the packaging, I'm super glad with the whole thing. I can travel easily with just a brow pencil and it comes with the brush. I just have to twist the pen to get the product, filled in my brows, brush it out and tadaa.... I'm done and it looks so natural.

I've been using it for almost 3 weeks now, and I use it daily for more than 8 hours. I'm certain to tell, this stuff is amazing. I'm not sure how much color range this product has because when I purchased it, the whole shelf only left with this color. Well, I guess, Asian drugstore, how many people will have golden brows.

Price: RM 35++
Volume: 0.28g
Manufactured in Germany
Waterproof, lasting power is amazing since I've been using it more than 8hours per day without any smudging.

Overall, I salute with this item, so well made and just fit into my expectation. I've not try other drugstore brow pencils, but since this one work nicely, I think I will stick with it. Omg, I could't believe how much I love it, I just hooked with it straight away. Absolutely love it! 

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