Be Gone, Dark Eye Circles! Review: Za Perfect Fit Concealer #02

In this competitive world and working environment, we work hard to secure our job, business, sometimes we even gave up our sleeping time to complete the tasks or stay awake for tele-conferences. Well, here comes the panda..... we got our panda eyes, some are dark, blue, puffy, etc...

I've puffy eyes, but never have terrible dark circles that last around my eyes forever during my university life and during my beginning of work life. Slowly, the panda eyes developed without any alarm and by the morning I awake, oh my.... I have dark circles and it is puffy. I used to use Benefit Boi-ing concealer, it think it works just fine but when my skin is a bit drying, the concealer sits into my lines and this doesn't look good at all. Holy moly, the worst thing when it comes to concealer is ... no conceal effects, emphasize lines around the eye area and make the whole eye area look dull.

After stop using my Boi-ing concealer, I'm hunting like a mad hunter in stores, searching high and low for something works for me. For me, when I'm trying something new, I like to start from drugstore brand, it is cheaper and just in case it doesn't work, you can just pass to somebody else. No hard feeling, no breaking wallet.

I read few reviews from the internet off course, so decided to try the concealer from Za, my sister-in-law using it too, but I think hers was discontinued. I got the perfect fit concealer in shade 02. Shade 01 is way too pale for me, it looks greyish, so I passed.

I will say a little goes a long way. It comes in a lovely pink tube. Hygiene and easy to dispense. It claims to minimizes unevenness and long lasting conceal. I think this works just fine. One thing I'm really agree with the description on its box are keyword - moisturizing and collagen. Some people likes to use brush to apply concealer but my case, I don't like using brush at all, or maybe I've yet to meet the Mr.Right in brushes. After done all the prepping, you know, sunscreen, foundation....then I will squeeze out 2 pea size, dab 3 dots on my under eye area, using my ring finger, lightly dab/pat around the eyes area. And then, ciao panda eyes... I think it is okay in terms of conceal the dark eye circles, but not for reduce my puffy eyes. 

Here's my thoughts: 
easy to use, quite long lasting, my work, sometimes my makeup stay on my face more than 8 hours without touch-up. I'm glad it lasts quite well, the whole thing just adheres nicely on my eye area. No smudging or oxidize into grey spot. It feels light on the skin too.It is quite cheap so not a big issue to repurchase. I use it on my acne spots too. Just in case your skin is dry and flakes, don't use this, it will emphasize the dry spot.

Price: RM 25-29 (depends on the stores)
Volume: 9g
Manufactured in China

Overall, this is worth to try and cheap. I believe people with more serious under eye problems may not find this product helpful as the consistency is slightly liquid but it is still buildable. I'm not listing this into my HG and so,  I will look around for more drugstore eye concealer but this is certainly a steal. Absolutely enjoy using it.

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