Review: Cosmecnique Reviving Day Cream SPF 35

Sun damage be gone! The sun seems to bite my skin if I didn't apply sunscreen. It feels pain and then follow by a series of sunburn aftermath effects.

I've tried different types of sunscreen, some I like some I don't. I prefer sunscreen comes in tube form, it just easier to dispense and control the amount the I need. I also dislike sunscreens that are too oily and too runnier, well, everyone have different requirements and different skin types, so do I.

Again, it is another product from Cosmecnique. I noticed my freckles are getting worse than ever, some dark spots also pop out from my skin surface. Even my beautician also remind me of my pigmentation problems. Oh gosh! Every time I got my facial done by this beautician (Sharon), she will apply sunscreen onto my face after everything has done. I never think about getting the sunscreen she used onto my face, but somewhere in my mind, I was thinking what is she putting onto my face, it just feels good!

So, I told Sharon, and she claimed that this sunscreen will not clog pores, leaving skin dewy and fresh. Okay, I'm onto it. I bought it and used it alternately with my other sunscreen. I have to say, with this sunscreen I can leave my face powder/foundation behind. 

Again, simple yet practical packaging. It is small and travel friendly. I like the texture, creamy but not overly oily. I use this when my face looks dull/ dry. A pea size amount, rub between fingers and run across the entire face and I'm done. Of course, I need to do severe times to ensure proper SPF coverage.

Product details:

It has a very nice, soothing scent. I find the texture is creamy yet but spread onto skin easily. Once squeeze out from the tube, it looks like white paste, just gently rub between my fingers and apply onto my face. Because it is a white paste, I do notice over application might turn my entire face extremely white. 
I've some combination thoughts about the sunscreens but still something really worth to try.

Pros: Leaving skin soft and dewy. Skin looks healthy and pore appear smaller. The SPF 35 just perfect for my office work use. Only pea size amount will do, indirectly safe money. I like how my skin looks after putting on this sunscreen. I feel good just using it without topping up my face powder/foundation. I received many compliments from my customers about my skin too.

Cons: contains mineral oil. Pricey for such a small tube. Too much  sunscreen on face makes me look like "Casper the friendly ghost". Doesn't control oil, so not really suitable for oily-combination skin, you might end up like oil splash onto face.

Price: RM 130++
Volume: 30mL
Repurchase: Under consideration, it is freaking expensive.

Oveall, I have mixed ideas about this product. I like how well it works on my skin, making my skin looks super good, dewy and healthy. On the other hand, I'm worried about the side effects of mineral oil and it is so expensive. For a small amount, I gonna pay more than RM100, wow, that's a bit way too pricey for my preferences of a sunscreen. Anyway, I'm still liking it despite of the price and mineral oil in it. Whatever it is, always remember to put on sunscreen before you leave home.

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