Skin Detox: Using Queen Helena Mint Julep

Is Wednesday, mid weekday, and like everyone out there, I'm waiting for the arrival of weekends. While, despite of feeling tired and skin look dull with some new volcanoes eruption on my skin, decided to do some skin detox using clay mask.

Today, I'm using Queen Helena Mint Julep Masque, I will say this tube is great but of course, I have some issue with it too. Let's cracking!!!

Before that, I need to emphasize on my skin condition. I'm not a guru nor skin specialist, but I'm pretty sure I love to experimenting with different types of skincare products. Currently, I've sensitive, combination skin with some bumps around my chin and forehead, blame PMS.

Anyway, like most of my evening skincare routine, after cleanse my face, follow up with exfoliation then I will start to mask.  Using clay mask is probably the best detox for my skin, it just acts like vacuum cleaner, sucks out all the impurities and shrinks the appearance of my red acne spots.

As great as it sounds, it can dry out the skin too, so whenever I use this, I will make sure to follow up with a hydrating mask. It certainly makes the whole face look better, plump and glow. Just in case your skin is already dry, please ignore this because it does removes the oil on your face.

Even my sensitive and combination skin sometimes gets dry after using this. It applies thick onto face, this green paste will make my skin tingle a little bit. Leave for around 10mins or until it is fully dry, then wash it off. Trust me, your skin just looks better!

 Personally, I like the out come, really nice and freshen up my dull complexion due to lack of sleep and stressful work.Since I've owned this for quite sometimes, I seriously can't remember the exact price, it is around USD 5-7.

Overall, I give this a thumbs up, just beware if you have dry skin, skip it or only use on those acne spots.
Happy mid weekdays! 2 more days to go before weekends... hooray!

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