Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask

Good day... I'm a skincare junk and as always I love trying new products but I do give my skin time to adapt   with the new items. I bought this wash off mask awhile back when I visited to Korea. I think despite of the language, everything is good. I told my hubby if can I would like to have another trip to Korea, I just love the food and culture over there. I bought some skincare and not really review each of the items, some I've completely used up and some still remain there as my backups. I actually like how they promote the products and give out lots of samples for customers to try. I'm not very familiar with the route in Korea, but I do know I shopped my cosmetics goodies around Myeongdong crazily!

Goodies or junk? Let's see how I think about this cute red tomato...

First of all, who doesn't get attracted by such cute, adorable packaging? It is a brightening mask, I did not use this every week because I do have lots of skincare to go through especially masks.
It comes in a plastic container, I will consider it as bulky to bring around when travelling. You can recycle the  tomato container after hit pan, just really worth to collect and store little things inside it.

The texture is quite runny than what I've expected it should be. There are some red particles too. I normally use this in the morning when I think my skin need some boost. When my skin is slightly dry and dull, I will scoop out some, spread over my face, massage for 1 min, leave it for 5mins and wash it off. During massage, the red particles will sort of diluted itself together with the runny cream. I don't get the purpose of having it but I do noticed some other Korean brand wash off masks have similar concept too.

In terms of brightening, I don't consider it as good as the Etude House O2 whitening mask (discontinued). When I leave it on my face, I saw some tiny bubbles forms on my skin, sort of using O2 (oxygen) to detox the skin and brightens the whole complexion. I'm glad that it doesn't irritate my skin. The brightening effect doesn't last long, but still good to prep the skin for skincare and makeup. Another thing about this mask is that it really moisturize my skin, leaving it soft and supple. It isn't oily so no worries for breakouts. After wash off, my skin feels more alive and supple.

I couldn't remember how much it costs, after all, it has been awhile since I bought it. This big tomato certainly last me a long time. The only thing I dislike about is the texture of the mask, it is too runny, it keeps on dripping during application. Messy! I only use this when I'm going to shower, no hassle with dirty work attire and so.

Overall, it makes my skin feels good and I'm happy using it. The O2 detox concept is cool, too bad the result doesn't last long. I consider this as something nice to have and added into my skincare regime. If you having hard time look for it, you can just pass it. It is nice to have but NOT must have.

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