Project Re-Love: Colors from Urban Decay Naked Palette (Ver.1)

 # Virgin, Sin, Naked, Buck, Darkhorse

Virgin: shimmery light pink, works similar like Sin. I prefer Sin though.
Sin: shimmery peachy shade, sort of eye brightener. use at inner corner/under eye lashes
Naked: cool tone brown, use it alone or combine with Buck/any other darker shades from palette
Buck: warm tone matte brown. Very finely milled and apply easily. Can use it alone/at the crease
Darkhorse: A dark brown with a hint of shimmer, but the shimmer comes very fine shimmer. Pretty to use as its own, perfect for lining.

When I'm starting to work, I always believe that neutral eye palettes work the best. The colors just help to emphasize the whole FOTD without being overly done and you look more confident.

I 'm enjoying colors listed as above, they just creates the best neutral look, sometimes I use Naked and Buck only, these 2 are my top favourite colors from this palette and they are matte but smooth to the touch.

I rarely use colors like, half baked and creep, I think they were a bit overly done if I used it as my daily look.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still loving, liking and enjoying my UD palette.

I bought this palette because everyone was raving about it and I just couldn't resist that temptation, I got it, use it probably 2 months? then I started to ignore it because you know, we want almost every single eye palette out there, yet, how much we can use, unless you have unlimited eyes to apply them all.

I've been using it on and off for the past few weeks, I just can say this is the a good quality palette to own and I'm glad I bought it. The color, pigmentation is just perfect. 1 eye palette and I can create all types of look, freaking in love with it.

How often do you use your eye shadows palette? Daily? Is there any palettes that has been ignore? take them out and start pouring love to them again!

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