Wonderful Weekdays

Yeeehaa..... this whole week is just amazing! I've enjoyed myself with food, festive celebration and lots of loves from family members & friends.

Here's some photos and some short talk from me... I hope it wouldn't be too boring and certainly I do wish everyone who read this post enjoy as much as I do.

I love food, despite of sticking with my weight loss, I still allow myself have something I like, after all it is still Chinese New Year. Haha!

Next, it is my birthday! I got some treats from Kiehl's and well, since I have 10% off for my entire purchase (specially for my birthday month) I repurchased my acne saviour and some other skincare, happy!

You know what? A birthday isn't complete without a cake. My sister-in-law got me a cake and my hubby grandma cooked me red hard boiled egg. It is a Chinese custom to have red hard boiled egg during our birthday, some like a baby full moon. My mother-in-law bought some foods for my birthday celebration. Besides, this year, my birthday fell exactly the same date as Renri (人日), a day where human beings were created. It normally falls on the 7th day of the first month in Chinese Lunar Calender. 

And off course, if there's celebration, there must be presents too.

This year, it is my very first time to do egg balanced or Chinese called it as LiChun (立春). I finally done my 1st egg standing still. It is unbelievable, my brother manage to do it on a thin glass bottle. Since I am just a beginner, better do it on floor. In case I fail and the egg break, it wouldn't be too much hassle to clean up.

Lastly, every 9th day of Chinese New Year, the Chinese Hokkien will have worship, BaiTianGong (拜天公 ) using sugar cane. Okay, it is really special occasion for me since I've never have such celebration before in my family. Since I'm married, so it is something new for me to see and to adapt into my hubby's family culture. 
When the clock strikes 12am, the sky will fill with fireworks. It is time for the elder 2 men in family to take the sugar cane, burn the yellow paper and break the sugar cane into half. Uh.... 

That's all for this week weekdays. It was fun and happy with lots of occasion and celebration going on. Have a great weekends.

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