Review: Biotherm Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel

I bought the Biotherm moisturizer awhile ago, I never though to give it a review because I want to give myself a little more time to test it out. So, here's what I think about it.

Firstly, the packaging is really easy to travel and carry around, not too big to fit into my little skincare pouch. Great thing is the pump, it just pumps out the right amount, normally I use 1-2pumps for the entire face. I like the consistency, not to sticky nor too thin, it absorbs nicely, sinks really well into my skin, leaving no residue behind. Some hydrating gel tends to leave a thin film onto skin, but I don't have any issue with this. Plus, leaving my skin nice and soft to the touch !

I would recommend it for acne prone skin, oily to combination but not for super dry skin. My skin condition changes from time to time,which is why I have different types of moisturizer, and they will be used based on what my skin needs and skin condition is. Even if I'm having drier skin (not super dry), I still can use this without any issue, just make sure to layer well with another hydrating moisturizer. Or I only use this in the morning when I hit to the gym, it controls extra oil secretion yet keeping my skin matte but not dry. But for my current dry skin, I will keep it in minimal use as I seriously need a more hydrated and denser moisturizer to combat some of my drier patch. In case I really want to use this, I will only use in day time and outdoor, not in air conditioner room.

The only issue I have is the scent, it seems to be a bit too much for me, it lingers for quite sometimes to be completely fade off. If you're sensitive to scented item, you might want to avoid this.

Bottom line, it is a good but I will not consider as the best hydrating gel for oily combination skin (which I have for the pass few months). Long term use definitely dried out my skin because my skin condition changes from time to time based on lifestyle and weather. Still a nice one to have but definitely not in my MUST HAVE list.

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