Happy Mail ~♥

Hooray, hooray... I'm super excited each time the postman rang my door bell. I happy to see the postman because parcel reached me. Yes, finally.... It is just so thrilling.

I ordered the triplet Peter Thomas Roth gel mask. Yet to try them, just curious how great they are. I've been eyeing on Too Faced Natural Eyes since it released few years ago, never really bought it each time it was on sale. I'm glad that this time, it comes in a tin palette instead of the hard board box packing. Is time to change my wallet, it just too old to serve my, so I choose to buy fossil. It was on 33% off at Nordstorm. Glad that I picked it up.

A friend of mine, well, she actually helped me bought so much goodies. Seriously, we discuss on newly released makeup, special event (sales), skincares and much more. I'm so thankful and grateful to now her.
Pretty, thank you so much!

I got a new skincare set, thank God the Biotherm skincare is not too big in size, else it would have take my some times to finish them. Will definitely do a review soon.

My 1st ever YSL lipstick, so stunning and graceful, standing still right in front of me ... Gasp!!!

Blushes and MSF from the MAC Osbourne collection. Swatches and review up soon. Stay tune...

I'm going to have a short vacation these few days, meeting up some ex colleagues and university housemates.  Of course, I'm also excited to get some skincare/ makeup during this trip. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly as what have been planned.

Happy Weekends

Review: Drugstore Skincare Products

Couple weeks ago, I did some mini haul from the drugstore, keeping in mind that there are goodies available in drugstore. I've tried Naruko skincare products before, and seriously I think it works quite nicely and suits my skin. I decided not to go too, too crazy on the drugstore skincare, so I only picked up the Naruko Magnolia firming and brightening toner, Naruko Marjoram & lavender peeling gel, Naruko Rose & botanic HA moisturizer and Clinelle Thermal Spring water.

Well, since I'm such a skincare maniac, here's my thoughts about them. 

Starts with Naruko Magnolia firming and brightening toner. It is has a soft, soothing flora scent, nothing special despites of the liquid serum like consistency. It applies nicely without drying out my skin, thanks for the alcohol free ingredients. The toner absorbs into my skin nicely without leaving making my skin feel sticky nor heavy. I do layer more skincare items later on for better hydration. 
In terms of firming and brightening, I can't tell how well it works, simply because I'm quite fair and yet to see any significant aging signs on my skin. Well, keep my finger crossed it helps my sagging skin (that I didn't notice). 

Next, I decided to talk about the Clinelle Pure Swiss Thermal Spring water. I have to say I don't like this at all. Firstly, the mist didn't spray out properly, water dripping around the nozzle then the whole bottle. Seriously, I'm freaking angry especially on those days I want to hydrate my skin quickly. Another thing, it stings my face, I've never encounter any issues with my Avene face mist, Uriage face mist, name it most of the French drugstore face mist that available in drugstore. At first it stings, then my skin turns red and warm, probably due to sensitive or allergy reaction. Oh my...this is a total disappointment. I will not repurchase it. 

As for Naruko Marjoram & lavender peeling gel, thumbs up. I enjoying using it because it is so fast. The product is easy to use, hassle free. The scent is slightly awkward but the outcome is pretty good. My skin feels smooth and soft. The skincare products that apply on later sinks into my skin nicely. Anyway, I don't think it should be use too frequent, I only use it once and maximum up to twice a week only. The brightening effect is there but doesn't last long, I would say around 1-2days. This peeling gel is only remove dead skin cells but it will not unclog pores, so if you've serious pores clogged issues, please use face scrub and mud mask (just my suggestion).

I like to keep the best for last. The new version of  Naruko Rose & Botanic HA aqua cubic moisturizer EX.
Talking about rose, the rose scent smells adorable but it might be a bit over powering for some people. I like the texture very much, is more like a thick serum but apply onto skin like a dream. Most important is it doesn't feel oily nor sticky. My skin certainly feels more plump and hydrated after application.

Do you have any drugstore skincare recommendation? I would love to know and give them a try !

I'm Hooked - Kiehl's

I guess, I'm hooked. I've been using Kiehl's skincare awhile now, I think they works what it claimed and most importantly it doesn't give me skin rashes/ allergic.
Last month, I invested  on some new products to try out after trying the samples and also to repurchase some of my skin's necessities - kill acne!

I've some points to claim for RM100 voucher, and I think I'm sort of out of control. I admit I'm such a skincare maniac and I ended up with all these things, including some deluxe samples and a travel friendly toiletry bag.

What I got?

  • Ultra facial cleanser which has been working well for my combination skin.
  • Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque to drag out all the impurities from my pores, keeping'em tight and small. I noticed it smooths my skin too.
  • Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment, backups just in case I run out my current one
  • Blue Herbal Moisturizer (new item to try, hopefully it will work for me)
  • Micro Blur Skin Perfector (new item to try, how I wish those pores can be gone, oh!)
Review for some of items mentioned will be up soon. Still taking some times to see how it works and reacts.

I'm so happy with the toiletry bags. It comes with red and blue, but my brother thought blue looks better.
I like how spacious it is and able to fit it quite many full size skincare.

Well, well.... I'm getting a bit drowsy now, is time for bed.

Review: Hada Labo Lavender/ Whitening Hand Cream

Hello, I've been a fan of hand cream/ hand lotions. Since I'm staying in an air-conditioning room for almost 24/7, having a hand cream has become a must for me. My hands, especially the edges around my nails will start to peel off and it isn't nice to look at nor good to touch. Ouch!

I spotted the Hada Labo hand cream awhile back, but never really got the interest to try it. Well, this time, I decided to give it a try. It comes with 2 variations, another one is rose -pink color tube, which is meant for hydration. I think I like lavender scent better, so I picked up this purple buddy.

It contains:

  • Arbutin and lavender essential oil which can maintain the youthfulness of our hands
  • Contains hyaluronic acid which can maintain & hydrate the hands
  • Contains vitamin E and vitamin B5 which will repair dry and dehydrated skin
  • The lavender essential oil is obtain from Europe. The scent is soothing and relaxing, plus what's great about it is that it helps to whiten the skin and keeping our hands more hydrated and supple.
  • Coloring, fragrance and mineral oil free.
A month of friendship with this purple buddy, I would like to say, it works quite well. I have less problem with skin peel off around the edges of my nails and less scaly hands. The scent is very calming too. However, I still couldn't tell if it really helps in whiten my hands. The cream itself is quite creamy, very easy to rub and blend into the skin. It also doesn't leave any oil or sticky residue after apply. I like to reapply the hand cream from time to time as I'm dealing with lots of paper work which sometimes got myself a bad papercut ( >.<)
Price is slightly higher than regular drugstore hand cream, I still think is consider more affordable than those high end hand cream.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up. Anyone who like the lavender scent, you'll definitely like it. I don't think it will serve well for terribly dry winter weather as you will have to reapply quite regularly. For me, this is a good hand cream for my current needs yet didn't burden my wallet.