Most Frequently Used Products At The Moment

Oh dear, I've been using these everyday, if not, every other day. Some are samples and my recent purchase (March purchase). So let's see what makes they so special and able to conquer part of my heart.

I have 3 face powder & 3 lip products and few skincare items to share

- Kose Supreme Sekkisei Supreme Powder Foundation #OC 410
Medium to almost full coverage. I should be a shade lighter but #OC405 was probably discontinued, so the SA recommend me to get this shade. It is slightly darker but not too obvious.However, it does oxidized after 4-5hours. It applies like a dream, smooth and non cakey.

- Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Compact #O20
Sheer coverage. I love this one so much. The shade match almost perfectly with my skin. It leaves a beautiful sheen after application. Skin looks so nice and flawless with a hint of glow. I don't even have to put on highlighter. Now, I see why my mom has been a loyal Shiseido fans for almost 30years. Love it!

- Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder  #001 Translucent
Affordable drugstore pressed powder. Perfect for touch up. Most important is wallet friendly for beginners and students. I noticed it has a soft powder scent and the imprint is just lovely.

- Clinique Chubby Stick baby tint #02 Coming Up Rosy
One reason I got this is because its lovely color. Pretty, soft and feminine. In terms of moisturizing, I think it is just normal, nothing too outstanding nor wow me. The only issue I have is the weird scent, not sure if all the Clinique Chubby Stick has this kind of weird scent.

- IOPE Water Fit lipstick #44 Forever Pink

Still remember the K-drama ~My Love From the Star 来自星星的你? This is one of the lipstick that been used by Jun Ji-Hyun. A lovely friend helped me got this, actually she is the one who recommend this shade to me. At first I was really skeptical because of the bright colour, but it turn out to be sheer yet buildable. For a natural look, I dabbed it onto the lips. I am and it will probably take me a long, long time to jump into the neon, bright lipstick bandwagon. Nice colour and worth to give it a try

- Baby Sebamed Lipbalm
Life savor in the office.

- Kose Sekkisei Toner
semi milky toner, very watery but cooling. It makes the skin feel so nice and soothing. I even use this as a quick face mask. Soak few cotton pads with the toner, and put onto face. If I'm not mistaken the formula remain the same after 30 years since it launched.

- Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum I

A gel moisturizer, control the oil nicely but doesn't gives the super matte look. I like how it leaves and stay on my skin, totally non sticky and no issue with balling problem. Sometimes when you use gel moisturizer, you'll noticed those weird eraser dust like things appear on skin. I have 1 full size in my skincare storage box. Haha!

- Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream
This is actually a sample given by the SA. Tiny amount last a long time. This seems to be the new no.1 products on Kiehl's Malaysia rack. I like how it smell, really soothing, the jasmine scent isn't too strong, it just add a perfect hint of scent to the whole product. I actually find it is quite hydrating but non oily. I glides on like a dream, almost like a butter been spread nicely onto a piece of bread. Gosh... my illustration is really funny. Oopss... I wake up with soft, dewy skin the next morning. Sometimes, I will reduce some of the amount and drops 1-2 drops of Kiehl's Mid Night Recovery oil, warm it with the cream between my palms and gently massage on my skin. It feels so luxurious and relax.

- Kose Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50, PA++++
I think besides than my regular use sunscreen (cream texture) which I love, this is another sunscreen that reserve a sit in my sunscreen list. It is gel texture, non sticky, non oily and it actually didn't have much colour, so don't expect it will cover/brighten the skin. What I like about it is not only texture, the moisturizing effects that leaves on my face is truly wonderful. It hydrates it and tame those dry flakes, oh yes, I put on some face powder after that and my skin still looks nice and hydrates. No sign of dry flakes been detected. And I don't need to worry about white cast that makes my face, neck, hands look so much different from one another.

That's all for this time, how about you? Any products that you've been using almost every single day like I do? Share it, I would love to know about them...

Learning Embrace Yourself

Well, well.... it has been months for not blog anything. Work and life has always been very busy, hectic and tiring. I even work overnight, burning the mid night oil in office for a month and when I flashed back, gosh, that was really crazy and insane.

Now, I don't think things have been solved or settled down yet, but the work flow has certainly improved though there's still a huge space for improvement. Anyway, that was my short blurb for my long MIA.

All these MIA months I've been struggling a lot to reach a balance point between work and life, it is always something that I'm fighting for. For me, I worked hard and I will make sure I play real, real hard later on. Doesn't matter if  you have to work and busy as a bee, but the outcomes are what make you feel happy and satisfied.

Learning mbrace yourself is what I want to share. For me I don't have much close friends who stay near me and even if yes, it would take hours drive to meet each other and my work schedule will be the number one reason not allow me to do so. Thus, I've decided to have more hobbies, exercises, personal activities and get involved with some charity work, trust me, I do enjoy each of them a lot.

To love yourself doesn't always mean you have to spend tons of money to pamper yourself, simply enjoy yourself with some special events/moments. For example, hubby and I participate in donation for children with autism, although it took almost my whole Saturday, deep in my heart I'm so glad that my little helping hands and small amount of money put onto the right place -satisfaction. See the cross stitch in photo, is one of our purchase from the meaningful event.

Secondly, if you like me, get involve into more sports activities, just beware not to over stress your body and muscle to prevent injury. If you've read my previous posts, you might already know I'm so attracted with the Curves workout for women, it is a wonderful place, just 30mins and I burned so many calories, my highest record for my mere 30mins workout is 611calories!  I also enjoying Zumba class, very fun and entertaining. Recently I joined another workout class - Piloxing. This one is so challenging, it is a combination of dance, pilate and boxing. OMG, my muscles screaming for help! But it was so, so challenging and I learn - always believe you can do it, just keep holding on!

Thirdly, listen to your body and give what it needs. We all have those moments when we feel extremely down, lethargic, emo, etc. We are only human and is normal to give yourself a break and please don't feel guilty right after that. Stress from work and not able to get a day off, try to read some happy book, happy quotes, encouraging words, it helps and it works for me. Craving for a lil personal space/time? Sometimes is ok to turn down some invitations hanging out with friends. Just be sure to cherish and enjoy those personal space/time because it will really help to energize the entire you. Eat well and rest well.

Fourthly, no one is perfect and those imperfections are the keys that make who we are and how special we are. Work out where you shine, everyone has their specialties, and get flourished from there. Eg, I'm not good in doing things tidily, and never, ever expect me to draft/draw things in a very neat way. However, I can do things fast and keep things work on track and I think, I'm pretty good in time management especially IF I've my MUST DO  to do list to accomplish.  So, be patient and enjoy the whole process, we wouldn't know what we really good at until we spend time and practice it.

Lastly, there are amazing ways for you to embrace yourself, tips mentioned above are just what I think that really helps me. Remember, love yourself then only you can learn to embrace yourself. Is a journey that will guide and help you through challenges and hardships, just enjoy it and give yourself the time to grow gracefully.

Favourites of the month : January 2015

It's the time for monthly favorites, I hope I can keep it up till the end of the year. This month I discovered some new products as well as some oldies. I'm very into lip products this month, so you may notice a number of lip products in this post.

1. Kose Infinity Refining Massage Cream - thick and creamy, it actually keep my skin very plump but not greasy. Definitely a must use after a deep cleansing session. I use it once or twice per week, depends how regular I am on the deep cleansing routine.
2. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask - smells like a combination between cinnamon and pumpkin. It feels tingling on the skin which for me I think it is working in removing those dead skin cells, keeping my face soft and smooth. It does has some particles to polish and refine the skin texture. I don't put on my face for too long as my skin is more prone to sensitive side at this moment. Please always follow up with a hydrating mask/ sheet mask after use which will actually double up the whole home skin therapy effects.
3. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB - simple and easy, I can leave the house without any foundation or face powder if I'm in a rush.
4. Za Perfect Fit Concealer #02 - blend nicely into the skin, keeping those zits and dark circles away
5. Mentholatum Q10 lip gel - non sticky lip gel, I use this in night time, it helps to keep my skin soft and flakes free.
6. Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss #Berry Allure, #Pink Pop - OMG, this is the highlight of this month. I am so freaking in love with these 2 lip glosses from the pigmentation, texture and quality, AMAZING. I'm not a lip gloss person when it need to be wore to work. Most lip glosses tend to be very sticky and wear off very easily, this one is vice versa. I tried the previous formula and found it was quite drying and emphasized my lip lines. Since it is in new packaging, I decided to give it a try again, and WOW. The new formula is great, it doesn't make my lips peel and it doesn't sink into my lip lines. Highly recommend to give this a try.
7. Eco Tools small Kabuki brush - soft and precise.
8. Benefit BeneTint - Perfect when I'm in a rush, last for few hours and it can be used as cheek stain or lip stain, fuss free and small enough to carry around.
9. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo # Brunette, Dark brown - I love Anastasia brow products, they are so amazing. The brow powder actually creates a very nice and natural eye brows. It comes with 2 shades, so you can create a nice dimension. Best use with angled brush because I prefer brows with some arch rather than the thick korean brow which is very famous now, but I'm just not ready to jump into the bandwagon.
10. Physicians Formula Mineral Face Powder #Translucent - oil free, fuss free, non clog pores.

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.

Review: Biotherm Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel

I bought the Biotherm moisturizer awhile ago, I never though to give it a review because I want to give myself a little more time to test it out. So, here's what I think about it.

Firstly, the packaging is really easy to travel and carry around, not too big to fit into my little skincare pouch. Great thing is the pump, it just pumps out the right amount, normally I use 1-2pumps for the entire face. I like the consistency, not to sticky nor too thin, it absorbs nicely, sinks really well into my skin, leaving no residue behind. Some hydrating gel tends to leave a thin film onto skin, but I don't have any issue with this. Plus, leaving my skin nice and soft to the touch !

I would recommend it for acne prone skin, oily to combination but not for super dry skin. My skin condition changes from time to time,which is why I have different types of moisturizer, and they will be used based on what my skin needs and skin condition is. Even if I'm having drier skin (not super dry), I still can use this without any issue, just make sure to layer well with another hydrating moisturizer. Or I only use this in the morning when I hit to the gym, it controls extra oil secretion yet keeping my skin matte but not dry. But for my current dry skin, I will keep it in minimal use as I seriously need a more hydrated and denser moisturizer to combat some of my drier patch. In case I really want to use this, I will only use in day time and outdoor, not in air conditioner room.

The only issue I have is the scent, it seems to be a bit too much for me, it lingers for quite sometimes to be completely fade off. If you're sensitive to scented item, you might want to avoid this.

Bottom line, it is a good but I will not consider as the best hydrating gel for oily combination skin (which I have for the pass few months). Long term use definitely dried out my skin because my skin condition changes from time to time based on lifestyle and weather. Still a nice one to have but definitely not in my MUST HAVE list.