Recent Use: The Base Makeup

These days I only want simple makeup look which is why this topic come in place. I think base makeup is so important because showing your face at its best condition really important. It doesn't matter what you use, thick or sheer, as long as there's something on the very top of the skin, I feel better and more presentable.
Of course, I do show my bare face too because we all do have those days that we just want to be makeup free and enjoy our very own skin.

I don't have too much to show but basically these are those essential I use on my skin. The only different is how light, heavy, matte, glowy I want the look to be, and all is depends on my mood, weather and how much time I have.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder # Translucent
Quickest among all. I like how affordable it is and also just swirl some powder and swipe onto the face and done, I'm ready to go. I consider this to be an everyday carefree look as it doesn't have much coverage, mainly use as a setting powder or to reduce any sort of shine from the face. It serve well for any weekend look to whereby you only wear simple T-shirts with jeans/shorts, just something very quick and simple.

2. IOPE BB Cushion N21
BB cushion deserves the hype, seriously. When it first hit the market, everyone rave about it but there are so many in the market. This brand was introduced by a blogger to me who actually helped me bought it as well. I'm not a person who enjoy heavy or high coverage look, so I opted for N with lightest shade 21. There C for higher coverage and S if I'm not mistaken for a more dewy/glowy look. N21 blends in really nice and flawless onto my skin, just few dab and patting motion and you can achieve a very fresh korean actress skin. It feels nice and fresh on the skin, but then it started to feel a bit sticky after 4-5hours depends on the weather. I find this gives me a nice skin look and I just need this to look good, awesome!

3. Sekkisei Supreme Foundation #OC410
I like the coverage and the feel it stays on my skin. Although the powder starts to wear off after 4-5hours, it still remains a very nice soft look on my skin. My only complain is the selection of shades, it is very difficult to get the shade I want and some of the shades started to be discontinued. It is finely milled and apply so easy and smoothly by the sponge attached and it able to cover up some dark marks/spots. My work day foundation work pretty well.

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer Primer
I think it controls my oil secretion very well, and keeping the makeup base to be more long lasting. It has this silicone feel that glides on the skin with a touch or powdery hint but doesn't hide or minimize the appearance of pores. But overall, it still serve me well. I apply this after my sunscreen and before my base makeup.

5. Physician Formula Mineral Face Powder #Translucent
This is another face powder like the Rimmel face powder. I find this product has a higher coverage and tend to be more long lasting. You still look very polish even after 6 hours with this one. It doesn't have any scent but it is so soft and smooth when applied on skin.  Personally I think this works better than the Rimmel one.

6. Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Compact #O20
Oh dear, I'm so in love with this baby.  The shade matches me perfectly and upon application it always gives me a very fresh, soft glow. However, please do not expect any high coverage from this compact powder as it glides on quite sheer. As I've mentioned before, I like light to medium coverage products a lot, so if you have similar taste like me, you may want to give this a try. Love it!

Every Girls Need Perfumes!

Hello everyone, basically the photo itself reveals today post. Well, I'm not a massive fans of perfumes but then I do own a few number of it. Everyone whether you're male or female, we just need some little scent lingering around us, make us feel special and unique. For me scent is very personal, it might be ''wow'' and it might just be ''blah'', so just have fun searching the scents that you like and special for you.

I like floral scented perfume, little bit of musk but most important it must be fresh and not too overwhelming.
I'm not someone who enjoy strong, heavy masculine scent because they are are just too strong to me which either give me bad headache or sneezing the entire day. Personally, I don't really collect perfumes because it is hard to get hooked or falling in love with certain scents. In my case, I keep and use them mainly because it reminds me of my happy oversea trips with hubby, memories, special occasions use, family and... you know is good to smell good rather than smell like a rotten egg.

1. Chloe Eau De Parfum - I didn't buy this when I first smell it at the airport because I was rushing catching my plane, but the scent lingered around my clothing and jackets keeping me feel nice. A year later, after I landed at the airport, I immediately rushed to the duty free shop and bought one, the scent is so nice and fresh. It lasts for almost a week on my dirty laundry. lol, and the laundry is still smelling nice. Shhh... also, the scent reminds me the trip (honeymoon) to a beautiful snow mountain with my husband. It is a mild floral with a sweet hint of honey scent. Try it, it is so chic and classic!

2. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste - This was a gift from my dad and you know it always mean so much for a little girl. The scent is muskier, heavier with a little bit of sexiness. Oh dear, it is so hard to describe, just sniff it when you're at the counter. Hehe... for me this is more like a special occasion perfume such as date, dinner or gala.

3. Chloe Love Story - This is another nice scented perfume from Chloe. I think I do have a soft spot for Chloe's perfume, they are all very well blended, fresh and really wearable. Compare this scent to the original EDT, this has more of a woody tone in it. It starts with a very delicate soft floral scent then dry down to a woody tone, for me it isn't too strong so it is still appropriate for day time use. However, I do find the scent isn't really long lasting as it fades away quite fast but the, you still able to detect a little hint of perfume linger around you're clothing/wrist, wherever you've applied.

4. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT - This is a Christmas gift from my hubby in year 2012, it was the 1st year I celebrated Christmas with his family members. I think everyone in the house were really happy receiving presents, after all I don't think they celebrate X'mas the way my family do. It has a very strong floral scent as starting note which I think reflects the spring seasons where flowers blooming and beautiful cherry blossom. I prefer to spritz in the air and walk through it (if that make sense), so the scent will not be too overpowering. I do think it smells better after the scent settle down for about 20mins or so as I think the 1st spritz direct onto clothing is very strong and sharp. It is a budget friendly EDT that last probably around 4-5hours for me, so still have to spritz on some if needed.

5. Avon Scent Essence # Sparkly Citrus - Well, the most budget friendly EDT I've ever used. I think I bought this for about MYR 13 during the sale. It really reminds me The Body Shop EDT in Sparkling Apple which was LE, not quite sure if it is still selling at the outlet. Avon scent essence if lighter but still has that really fresh citrus scent  whereas TBS one has more of a muskier scent it it. Both last for about 4hours not really long lasting actually. Anyway, it is easy to pair with any day activities whether you're outdoor, indoor it just works.

That's all for my little collection of perfumes, it is small but I hope it wouldn't grow any larger than 10. Please feel free to share you favourite perfumes in the comment box below.

Have a wonderful weekend

Beware, We're Under Attack by Haze! & Top 5 Health Tips

(photo adapted from The Star)

It seems to be a very common phenomena in Malaysia where we will be attacked by haze every year from the uncontrollable forest burning in Sumatera, Indonesia. I seriously think this is a very unhealthy trend and till now, there isn't any prevention steps to avoid this haze issue.

I remember when I was a kid, my country didn't have too much issue of haze and even there are it doesn't create such huge impact towards our daily lives. Years after that, haze has become more and more serious, it not only affects the flight schedule, outdoor activities, health but it has become an every year trend whereby school are forced to close due to the dangerous API level.

The haze has started about 2 weeks ago and my throat started to get irritated, same thing happen to my respiratory system. I actually suffered rhinitis every morning and night especially when the haze getting thicker and I got so confused whether I am sick or just having allergy because it was so bad. I sneezed every morning and got nose blocked once I woke up, it just not nice and uncomfortable. Things get better after awhile but the good things always wouldn't last long. 

Today, I think I feel so much better probably because I keep myself active and delivered a proper vitamin to my body. 

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Be active - workout indoor instead of outdoor, eg: indoor gym/indoor swimming pool. I'm a gym maniac, so attending indoor classes definitely benefits me a lot. I didn't suffer any breathing issue when I workout at indoor.

2. Drink extra water - drink more water than usual, when you are more hydrated the sore throat issue can be prevented

3. Consume Vitamin C - consume fresh fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemons, passion fruits, these high vitamin C fruits will not only quenches your thirst but it helps to strengthen the firewall of the entire body aka immune system. If you're having difficulties reaching the fruits, then opt for vitamin C tablets or soluble version. For adult go for 1000mg vitamin C, for children go for 100-300mg per day, please consume after meal.

4. Rest - rest is another good way to prevent diseases, why? When we've enough rest, ample sleep,  our immune system is actually stronger. So, a strong solid wall can help in preventing sickness.

5. Mask - always wear a mask, I recommend to have a 3 ply mask when you're on any outdoor activities whether just going out for lunch/ taking bus back home or pick up some rubbish at your backyard. Wearing a mask will filter those unnecessary chemical particles in the air which might have a long term side effects towards our health.

Before I end my post, HERE is another link regarding haze precautions and skincare tips for haze pollution, check it out if you are interested. I hope my 5 tips will be helpful for those who are living in a country facing the same pollution issue like I do. Be safe and stay healthy!

Recipe: Pan Fry Lemon Juice Marinated Salmon Fillet

Wanting a quick meal? Try this, I think this is so easy to cook and prepare, plus, you got to taste the real fresh salmon fillet by just using the simplest ingredients.
Note: this recipe was inspired by Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw.

Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids which is good for our brain, heart and lowering bad cholesterol, moreover, it is a good source of white meat protein which is great for our muscle development.

- 2tbsp of fresh squeeze lemon juice
- 1 tsp salt
- 2-3 stalks of fresh rosemary
- 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
- Fresg ground black pepper ( put as much/ as little as you like)
- 1 tbsp unsalted butter

Marinate: Mix the lemon juice, salt, rosemary (thinly chop), olive oil and black pepper in a steep plate, place in the salmon fillet marinate for 5mins or you can start to marinate 2hours before start cooking.

1, Firstly, heat the frying pan, if you want it to be easy, use a good non stick frying pan. Once the pan start heating, place in the unsalted butter and heat for about 1min over high heat.

2, Place the salmon and fry for  2-3mins starting with the skin side facing down. For my case, I want to make sure the skin is crispy and the fish is thoroughly cooked. You also will notice the the texture of fish started to change once it is almost done.

3. Turn to the other side, this time, I will turn of the heat, and turn to the edges until all sides are almost golden brown.

4. Place the fillet onto a plate and decorate with some fresh vegetables.

Viola! You can prepare some condiments and sauce or quinoa for some extra crunch and taste. For me, since I'm in a rush, this whole salmon fillet will be just nice.

Have fun trying out my simple&quick recipe.