Is All About My Drugstore Products Adventure For The Month of May

Hello... well, today is all about drugstore products... and seriously, I think I liking them a lot.

So, start with the stuffs in my bathroom

  1. Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Conditioner - cheap and effective, leaving my hair soft and fluffy
  2. Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil - deep cleanse my scalp, leaving a cool sensation before rinse off. I feel it strips off my natural hair oil, so after use, I must follow up with a conditioner. Use once a week. Well, no more itchy/oily scalp for now.
  3. Nivea In-shower conditioner (Normal skin)-  after shower, just lather it all over the body, leave it for about 1min, and rinse off. I think it is quite fast and easy, but I'm not really liking the sticky hint left behind. So.... I give this a thumb down.
  4. Neutrogena Deep Cleanse (Brightening, Mulberry) Cleansing Foam - I'm in love with this, gentle yet effective. I actually got quite a lot compliments on my skin lately. It smells amazing too. The dispenser pump out just the perfect amount of foam for my entire face :)
  5. Lactacyd Feminine Wash (Nourish) - seriously I think this works better for me as compare with the other versions. Smell fresh and just keeps my V clean. I'm a loyal user.
  6. Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Body Wash - no scent and more like a gel consistency. It contains loofah which works as the exfoliator. I think daily use is okay, but if you are looking for a higher strength of exfoliation for the body, this is slightly too gentle.
  7. Dove Instense Repair Shampoo - one word : perfect ! Even without using conditioner my hair is still soft and smooth. Well, so far so good, I didn't see any split ends appear.

Next move to the face part: skincare!

  1. Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Serum 50mL - it just does what it says. My skin become fairer, seriously and my beautician was keep on asking me what I've done to my skin. lol. It applies easily, just 2-3pumps and it absorbs quite fast too, no oily at all.
  2. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer - I'm just so addicted to this thing. Basically, it just keeps my skin clean and matte but not drying.
  3. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer - I only use this at night, not every night but 3-4 times a week, when I'm too tired to layer my skincare and just want to have a quick moisturizer. Squeeze, rub between my palm, spread onto face. Viola! Somehow, I really not liking to massage it on my face because I notice the longer I massage/apply onto my face, the vitamin E scents become stronger. Hmm, I just not enjoy that scent.
  4. Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter - nice name, nice scent, nice texture
  5. Sunplay SPF60, PA+++ - first of all, I got this simply because the lil chick is so cute, yellow is cheerful color. The sunscreen itself is runny, shake well before use. Just like a regular sunscreen.

And now for my feet. Keep it simple. I received a sample size of Ellgy cracked heel cream last month which came in with my monthly must read magazine, so I tried it and miracle happens. I noticed my heels become smoother, well, obviously I don't have the perfect "NO CRACKED HEELS". So 1 day application keep it hydrate, 2nd day application I started to see less noticeable cracked heels, and some dry patches have been cleared off. Once the little sample finished, I quickly bought a tube, just so happy to tell, it heals my cracked heels! Wheeee ~~
(p.s -- the socks is perfect in size, stretchable and breathable, I wear it after apply the cream)

I even use drugstore products before heading to work:

  1. Clinelle Powder Compact (Ivory) - super natural on my skin, very flattering. Most important is the matte finish, not cakey, no problem for my pores size too.
  2. Revlon Brow Crayon (Dark Brown) - almost matches my original brow color. 2-3 strokes, and use the spoolie attached, and I got a nice and natural looking brow.
  3. Za Ever Brow (Natural Brown) - super easy to use of compare with the Revlon Brow Crayon, totally dump proof, perfect for beginners. I also like the little spoolie attached. Well, I think I just meet my drugstore holy grail for my brows. As much as I like my Revlon one, I can assure you, I like this very, very, verrrrrrry much! Thanks Cynthia for recommend this to me.
  4. Za Perfect Fit Concealer (02) - just nice. Well, I might looking for another brand to try out. So far, I'm quite satisfy with it.

Lastly, is all about my lotions. When you stay in a cool, dry condition, whether you like it or not, you must have lotions, so do I.

1. Vaseline Hand and Nails Lotion- Smell good. Very smooth and soft, non oily.
2. Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk - I can't believe I'm actually liking this more and more. Really soothes my dry skin, bye bye itchy skin and Hello silky soft skin.
3. Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing lotion - I use this a long time ago, probably during my University years. Basically I like Vaseline lotions, smells good and non sticky. The only Vaseline lotion I can't use is the pink bottle lotion : Perfect 10, B3, Whitening... the list goes on. I think I'm allergic to the perfume in it, making my skin very itchy.

Wow.... such a long, long journey and story to tell about my drugstore products adventure. I guess, that's all for today. I like using drugstore products, they are affordable and quite efficient. Looking forward for more drugstore products adventure in the future.

Have a nice day!

Review: Naruko Arbutin Intensive Brightening Mask

Is time for my another review for the Naruko sheet masks. I just think they work wonderful to my skin. I've decided to try out almost all of the Naruko Essential line sheet masks simply because they are amazing!

Without further ado, here's my thoughts for the arbutin intensive brightening mask. Same as my previous posts regarding about the Naruko sheet masks, it comes in 5pcs/box with a very affordable price and great quality. Someone asked me if Naruko sheet masks is better than the famous MBD (My Beauty Dairy) mask, so here's my answer. Yes, I personally do think it is better and the cloth itself is thicker and able to stay on my face for about 20-30mins without drying out and still remain very wet and soaked with all the essence. If you are looking for more quantity go for MBD but if you don't mine about that, you can give the Naruko sheet masks a try. Just to clarify, I do like MBD but if I'm looking for a more luxurious one, I'll go for Naruko sheet mask. Price wise, I think it is almost the same, doesn't gives too much burden to my wallet.

I don't think I've noticed an incredible outcome after used, all I can tell is,  it is really hydrating and smells good. My skin definitely feels more plump and less oily.

As compare with the Naruko VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask, I think that one works better and truly can notice a huge difference before and after. Arbutin is marked as one of the key ingredients in brighten up the complexion but for this, I'm sorry to tell, it just didn't show any significant difference.

Overall, it is still good for the intense hydration feel to my skin. I don't think I'll repurchase this, instead, I'll just stick my hands on the VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating series, simply because it seems to work more effective to my skin.

Have a great weekends ahead~

Weekends Highlights

Talking about weekends, seriously it just makes me feel more homesick. I enjoyed last weekends very much, I got to see my parents and sibling, and my grandma. So, tell you what, I ate 3 cakes in a week. Haha, that's a lot for me, thank God for giving me such wonderful time with family.

This cake for my mother-in-law, we celebrated earlier before I heading back home. 

This is the strawberry cake I baked for my mom, I was in rush so I used those ready made packet but I also added in some blueberries.

And the last cake, is for my grandma.... made of Pandan leaves, super delicious and most important, grandma was very, very happy on that day!

Lastly, I decided not to bake muffins so I baked a quick bread for hubby!

** everyone seems liking this quick bread, it was completely gone from the dining table the next morning **

How's your last weekends? I hope it was a good one and a memorable one for you too.
Looking forward for more lovely weekends ahead~

Buying Just Makes Me Happy

Hello, the title itself simply describe how happy I am right now. I've bought some skincare as well as makeup  stuff, not too much but is already enough to create a happiness impact to me.

I joined Sephora spree with a sweet blogger aka Cynthia last month, and turn out I bought them home. Hooray! I've been wanted to try out the Anastasia brow wiz for so long, everyone in the blogger/Youtube seems liking and raving this a lot. Can't wait to try it!
Also got my wishlist Josie Maran travel size cleansing oil with Argan oil and Korres lip butter in pomegranate. Since I've really into simply makeup and skincare these days, I decided to try out the bareMinerals Complexion Kit. Cynthia also include Clarins and Givenchy samples for me... thank you!

The highlight of my Sephora spree, I invested on a Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush. I saw swatches and review from the famous blogger and Youtuber -- Raeview and I just hooked by the gorgeous outcome. Moreover, this product seems to be one of the hype in 1st quarter of 2014, how can I possibly missed it. I discussed with Cynthia and she recommended me to try this and so she helped me placed my order...
It looks really pretty, can't wait to try it!

Now, move to my Kiehl's skincare part, I enjoy using products from Kiehl's very much, especially their serums, they are amazing and my skin loves it. I got the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, oh my, this is so important for me to clear my dark acne spots and marks. This month Kiehl's is having jumbo size for the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, since I'm already in my mid twenties, it's better for me to start my anti-aging skincare. I got some samples to try out as well.  The Ultra Facial Cleanser is really nice and gentle to my combination skin, thinking to get the full size. ha!

Overall, buying my skincare and cosmetics just makes me feel so happy. Thank you Cynthia for your recommendation and suggestion. I'll do a review and swatches next week, so stay tune.
Have a nice day!