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Hello, it has been a long time I didn't drop an ink on this blog. Really sorry for that work has been really busy and I went for a short vacation last months. I will start blogging again, hopefully 3 to for post a week "finger cross" .

Since I've pretty much live in air-conditioning for almost 24hours a day, my skin really dry but dry from the outside and oily in the inside! Terrible, some times, it just turn red and itchy. I couldn't stand with it because it is so annoying that I've to scratch my face, which is a no way for me.
So, I went to Cellnique outlet which not very far from my current house and get the 1st trial of facial treatment, glad to tell, it works like magic. My skin looks brighter and the itchy went away =]
Then, I decided to sign up for the facial treatment - hydration. Now, I have my face get treated every month. Happy to say every time I got my facial treatment, my skin feel so, so smooth.

I've been using these 2 items for 3 months and I will definitely repurchase it. I believe it heals my skin. The beautician asked me to try out the D'sensi Calming & hydrating cream, basically this is like a gel cream. It is lightweight enough for me to use in day and night. 1 big jar contains 50ml and cost around RM179. The cream does not make my skin feel greasy at all. It soothes my sensitive skin.

Next is Advance Bio Regenerating Mask. Personally I would say this is a 2 in 1 mask, it not only brightens up my whole complexion but also unclog pores and exfoliate the skin. Recommend to use once a week. It smells like pineapple. Firstly, use a cleansing cream/milk to remove all the makeup. Then use the cleansing gel/foam. Then, apply a layer of mask on wet face. For people who have sensitive skin you may feel slightly tingling on the face, leave for 5 mins, add on some water on palm and rub on the face, rinse off. People who have normal skin type who may leave it up to 15-20mins. I love how it works in unclog my pores.  As you can see, I've almost hit pan for this item. Definitely repurchase this on my next visit to Cellnique outlet.

Cellnique products are made in USA. Some people might feel it is quite pricey. My personal opinion is that you get what you pay and it really worth every single penny that I've paid. These items were purchase by myself.

Have a nice day~

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