Laneige Mask Pack

Hey guys, I've a huge fans of Korean skincare. Mainly because the price aren't terrible expensive that will make my jaw drop. Haha~

Laneige is famous for its water bank series, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't normally venture into a brand by getting the complete skincare set UNLESS I'm really running out of skincare and decided to try a new brand which myself have pretty much confidence with.

Have I share before that I love mask a lot? Yes, I do. I purchase these mask awhile back but never really have time to snap picture and do a proper review. Now, here we go....

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

This baby contains 80ml, goodness, it smells so delightful. It is creamy like strawberry cream. Argh, hungry.... I seldom use this mask because I'm having a love+hate relationship with it. Good thing is it really soften my skin after apply and rinse off. Bad thing is it makes my skin get oily really fast. It does brighten my skin but having oily hint left behind makes my skin a tad bit uncomfortable. Not really sure I would repurchase it after hit pan.

Next, the FAMOUS sleeping pack. If I'm on my lazy day/ weekends, I love to put on this on my bare face after putting on toner and serum. Then dig out a big pea size, massage into my skin. Refreshing and hydrating. I see a difference after using it on my face. If your skin is well hydrated it will glow even you didn't put on tons of makeup, highlighter etc... It is oil free which suitable for people who have oily skin. Especially if you have a vacation at the beach and got sun burn, it soothes the skin instantly. I've 2 backups of these in my backup storage box. Contains 80ml, RM100 each but if you get it from Korea, it only cost around RM40-RM50.
Oh, by the way, I love that these masks come with spatula. Very hygienic.
Lastly, I hope this mini review helps.
Have a nice day.... rush rush, I'm almost late for work.

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  1. Ahh, I want the pink one too! I'm currently using the snow crystal one and I love how refreshing it feels. Perfect summer time routine for me! =)


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